5 Benefits of white mushrooms

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White mushrooms is one of the known types of fungi, some of which are human consumption and edible and others are toxic, so in this article, I will introduce you to the benefits of white mushrooms that are human consumption.

 of white mushroom

Edible white mushrooms

Here are the most common types of white musrooms available in the market and suitable for human use:

Oyster mushrooms:

This is very similar in shape to the famous French button mushroom, and is one of the important sources of protein, as many poor countries depend on it.

French mushrooms are known as button:

It is one of the most common mushrooms in the world, and it is characterized by white color, delicious light flavor, and high nutritional value.

Honey mushrooms:

This type is distinguished from other types of mushrooms with its different flavor from others, its taste is like honey, brown color, small size, its lower part is long and thin, and its top is small and emptied from the inside, and its use is spread in various recipes for its delicious taste.

Shimeji mushrooms:

This is a kind of bitter taste, but the severity of this bitterness gradually disappears when cooked, so it is one of the wihte mushrooms spread widely used in international kitchens for soups, sauces, and stews.

Portobello mushroom:

It is characterized by its large size and taste and texture similar to the steak, which made it enter the world of vegetarians as a healthy and wonderful alternative to meat, as it is widely used in Italian cuisine, and its shape is characterized by brown color, small leg and a large hat.


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 The nutritional value of white mushrooms

The types of white mushrooms fit for human consumption are among the most important types of foods with high nutritional value and this is because they contain calcium, dietary fiber and antioxidants, in addition to being low calories and free from cholesterol and gluten, and here are the amounts of nutrients contained in 100 grams of fresh white mushrooms, according to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture In the United States of America USDA:
3g protein.
0g of fat.
1g of fiber. 
3g of carbohydrates


5 Benefits of White Mushrooms

Mushroom is characterized by a variety of nutritional benefits, as it maintains blood sugar and burns fat, and it contains vitamin D, which makes it a favorite food to prevent osteoporosis, along with many other benefits you know:

White mushrooms to strengthen immunity:

The mushrooms contains antioxidants as a source of selenium, so it plays an important role in enhancing immunity and preventing infections, in addition to its role in fighting the growth of cancer cells, which makes it useful, and the mushrooms is beneficial for people who suffer from allergic and inflammatory diseases and those who suffer from autoimmune diseases.

White mushrooms to prevent cancerous diseases:

White mushrooms is a food rich in folic acid, which in turn plays an important role in preserving DNA and preventing mutations, and the formation of cancerous cells.

White mushrooms for strengthening bones: 

The white mushrooms provides the calcium needed to build body cells and strengthen bones and teeth.

White mushrooms to prevent anemia:

The mushrooms raises iron levels in the body, making white mushrooms a major role in preventing iron-deficiency anemia.

White muhrooms to lower blood cholesterol:

Dietary fiber in the mushrooms reduces LDL cholesterol and raises the level of good HDL cholesterol, which works to promote cardiovascular health and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

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