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Constipation in infants before the first year

Infection of the infant with constipation is one of the difficult problems that children are exposed to in the first stage of their life, and because this age stage is one of the stages in which it is difficult to express itself, there are some signs that alert you to the suffering of your child such as hiccup, heavy crying, and stool out in a very solid form and in small quantities, The problem of constipation in infants begins between two months to seven months, and this occurs as a result of a disorder in the bowel movement.


Constipation in infants before the first year
If your infant suffers from constipation, learn about the methods of treating constipation in infants.
Symptoms of constipation in infants Or fossilized cuttings, consult a doctor immediately. Anorexia, sleep disturbances, snoring, and a slightly bloated abdomen, with the baby crying a lot, as a result of gas accumulated in the stomach.

Treatment of constipation in infants


Here is a set of natural remedies that you can use to treat constipation in your infant:


Breastfeeding protects your child from constipation, so rely on natural milk for feeding it, especially as formula milk can contain some elements Causing constipation.

Type of formula:

If your child relies on the formula to feed it, one of the components of formula you are breastfeeding can cause swelling or constipation, so try changing the type that you use.

Mashed vegetables and fruits:

If your infant is at an age that enables him to eat some of the mashed foods, you can include him in his food rich fruits and vegetables, such as zucchini and boiled apples after removing his peel, peaches, broccoli, and carrots, all of which stimulate the bowel movement and help in treating constipation, And beware of serving it if your baby is less than six months old, it is not a good idea to introduce solid food.


Bike Exercise:

In a warm room, place your child on a soft cloth, and start moving his legs in circular motions similar to the movement of the wheel, by pushing the right leg towards the right shoulder and straightening and then pushing the left leg towards the left shoulder, by exchanging gently toward the left and right.


Natural fluid intake:

Continuous hydration of the intestine is very important to treat constipation, so rely on natural, nutritious juices to treat your babies, such as peach or pear juice, and this is appropriate for your infant at the age of four to six months.


Eating herbs:

Serve him small quantities of herbs. Heat a bowl of water, so that the water is warm and not boiling, add a bag of herbs and immerse him in water five times.
Serve him to your child with different meals. Water is one of the natural elements that help revitalize the function of healthy intestine and works To facilitate digestion.

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Treating constipation in infants at the age of a month

Exposing the child to constipation is one of the most difficult situations that your child can go through in the first month of his life, especially since infants at this stage cannot eat fiber and some laxative foods yet, know the most important steps that help the infant get rid of Constipation.
Finally… After you know the methods of treating constipation in infants, be aware that in all cases, it is necessary to resort to the pediatrician to consult him about the causes of constipation, especially if it happens repeatedly.

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