Drinks harmful to pregnant women get away from it

Drinks harmful to pregnant women get away from it

Pregnancy is great, But to pass safely to the mother and the fetus, the pregnant woman must know all the forbidden and permitted during pregnancy, and one of the most important points that must be well known about the forbidden during pregnancy is the drinks that are banned for the pregnant woman, and in this article from “4MUMY” we will answer the common questions about the drinks that are prohibited during pregnancy.

Drinks prohibited for pregnant women

So read on and follow us in other articles to learn more about what is prohibited and allowed in pregnancy. Here we will answer common questions from pregnant women about some drinks and whether they are prohibited during pregnancy or not? Is coffee harmful to pregnant women? Coffee contains caffeine and it is best to avoid caffeine. 

Caffeine damage for pregnant women

It absorbs very quickly and passes easily to the placenta and fetus, and high levels of it can accumulate in the body, which reduces fetal growth and increases the risk of low birth wight.
Increases the risk of infant death.
It increases the risk of developing chronic diseases in adulthood, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
A tonic can increase heart rate, which increases pressure on the fetus and increases the risk of miscarriage.
It prevents the absorption of iron, an important component of fetal development.
If you want to drink coffee or any other caffeine drinks, the amount should not exceed 200 mg, which is equivalent to two cups of coffee or regular tea. Also, be aware that soft drinks, chocolate, and energy drinks also contain caffeine.
You can drink two cups of decaffeinated  tea or coffee daily, noting that they, like regular tea and coffee, contain “polyphenols” that can prevent iron absorption, and pregnant women have greater iron needs, so avoid consuming them within an hour of eating meals.

Is tea harmful to pregnant? 

As mentioned, tea also contains caffeine, so it is also one of the non-preferred drinks during pregnancy, and if consumed, it should not exceed the allowed amount.

Is Nescafe harmful to pregnant?

Nescafe also contains caffeine, which is harmful to pregnant women and the fetus, and should not be taken during pregnancy.

Is cinnamon harmful to pregnant women?

Cinnamon is a rich ingredient in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and other benefits, but the question spreads.

Is cinnamon harmful to pregnant women?

The answer is that eating cinnamon is safe during pregnancy, but when taken in small quantities, for example, as a flavor for drinks or candy, but to increase its intake of some harmful effects, and the appropriate amount for a pregnant woman is less than one to six grams of cinnamon per day, and some studies do not recommend it for pregnant mothers.

To be followed while taking cinnamon

Avoid taking cinnamon oil during pregnancy because the safe dose of it is not known, and eating it in high doses can cause a burning sensation in the stomach of a pregnant woman, and there are concerns regarding the possibility of preeclampsia if cinnamon oil is taken in high quantities. Avoid taking it completely if you have a high risk of miscarriage.
Cinnamon damage to pregnant women if taken in large doses can lead to: Increases the possibility of premature birth.
It increases the possibility of excessive bleeding if taken with some medications. Sweat increases.
Stomach upset.
Increased heart rate.
Therefore, it is preferable to avoid taking cinnamon during pregnancy, and in case of taking it, you should not exceed the prescribed doses as an addition to drinks or foods only.

Is unpasteurized milk harmful to pregnant?

Unpasteurized drinks should not be consumed during pregnancy, as they are subject to bacterial contamination, and may contain listeria and some other bacteria.

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