Health risks of sugar

With the beginning of each year, we try to follow new healthy habits and avoid our harmful old habits.

Among the unhealthy habits is our habit of eating sugar in large quantities every day, either by using processed sugar to sweeten the drinks we eat throughout the day, or through processed foods that sugar is an essential component in Most of them.
Health risks of sugar

In addition to natural foods such as fruits that also have sugar, so if you decide to refrain from sugar, you should avoid completely processed sugar, and eat natural sugar found in fruits or honey at balanced rates.

Instructions for abstaining from sugar

If you are looking for a healthy habit that you can start with the new year, you must stop eating sugar, and you will notice how far your body and brain have improved, and you can follow some diets spread around the world, including (the seven-day challenge without sugar) or (the 30 challenge A day without sugar), in order to gain more enthusiasm in order to avoid diseases and health problems caused by sugar such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, but when you start to change your habits and decide to refrain from sugar, it is necessary to know that in the days The first time you stop eating sugar, you may feel one or more symptoms of sugar withdrawal from your body, including headache, loss of energy, mood swings, and sleep problems, but when you know the benefits of stopping eating sugar, your enthusiasm will intensify.


Benefits of leaving sugar

What happens if you stop eating sugar:

-Help you lose weight.
-Have a better mood and more focus.
-Reducing the feeling of hunger and thus decreases the desire to eat.
-Provide the body with energy throughout the day thanks to the stability of the blood sugar level.
Skin improve in general, because reducing sugar helps to sort out more proteins in the body, such as collagen and elastin, which help improve the appearance of the skin.
-Abstaining from sugar can improve the overall quality of your sleep in the long run.
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Alternative sources of sugar are not harmful

The query here is, if we will prevent eating processed sugar and stop consuming processed goodies due to the fact they may be dangerous to the frame, then how can we forestall eating ingredients which can be useful to the body which includes end result that still include sugar?
my dear, all healthful diets advise eating natural meals together with vegetables, end result, nuts and others, and due to the fact fruit is an critical part of natural meals, consequently ingesting them will advantage your body, however the whole lot is to eat it in a balanced way.
So, whatIs the distinction among processed sugar and herbal sugar in fruit?
The herbal sugar in end result is called fructose and it mixes with the fibers and different nutrients within the fruit, which slows down its absorption inside the body, unlike the sugar this is added to beverages and canned foods, and it is speedy absorbed into the frame, that is a burden on the liver, so in case you need to consume sugars, you should fruit for these motives:
End result contain fibers that sluggish down the body’s absorption of fructose, soSugar enters the bloodstream greater slowly, which gives the liver time to engage with the blood higher. for the fibers, fructose and vitamins present inside the fruit, within the frame enables to feed the healthy micro organism present within the intestine.
So what we would like to mention is that sugar manufactured in its entirety is harmful to the frame, and it’s farVital that we try to reduce it step by step, and that we are able to make ourselves healthy weight loss plan by abstaining from processed sugar, counting on extra natural foods, and looking to make this part of our daily culture, to create healthy conduct which can be likable to us .



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