The causes of sudden allergys and their treatment

The causes of sudden allergys and their treatment

Suddenly, red spots appear on your skin, a little swollen, you feel a violent desire to rub it, and you are embarrassed and do not want anyone to see you in this situation.

The causes of? sudden allergys and their treatment
All of the above are signs of sensitive skin, and there are multiple causes of allergys and its forms, so we present to you in this article the reasons for sudden allergys and how to treat it and ways to prevent it if possible.

Causes of sudden skin allergy

Skin allergy may be a symptom of a common disease that affects various parts of the body and the skin is one of these organs, such as: allergys to some medications.
Allergy to some types of foods.
Diseases of the liver or kidney failure.
Viruses that cause rashes, such as measles and chickenpox.
It may be due to a disease that affects the skin only. The skin is the immune blocking wall against bacteria, viruses, dust, and various allergens, such as chemicals, cosmetics, etc.
The skin blocks the internal organs of the body from all these external risks, such as:

Sensitive skin dry Temperature:

Dry skin is one of the most sensitive types of skin.

Insect sensitivity:

 Such as: law, ants, bedbugs, and lice.


Exposure of the skin to very high or very low temperatures (extreme heat or cold).

Allergy to some products:

Allergy to some soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Clothes allergy:

Allergy to some types of clothing, fabrics, and jewelry.


It is a type of chronic allergy.


It is an immune dysfunction that causes violent skin allergy, which is also a chronic disease.

Causes of sudden sensitive skin without the itch

The truth is that most types of skin allergy are accompanied by a desire to itch, but the degrees of this desire varies from one type of sensitivity to another.
For example, all types of urticaria are accompanied by severe itchings, such as insect allergy.
There is an allergy that is accompanied by a slight feeling of itching, such as, skin allergy associated with measles and chickenpox patients.

Causes of sudden skin allergy in children

The causes of skin allergy in children are not different from those of adults, but in general, children are more likely to develop certain diseases, such as:

Measles and smallpox:

They are viruses that mainly infect children compared to adults.

Insect sensitivity: 

It indeed affects any age group, but children are more susceptible to mosquito nets, ants and bedbugs.

Urticaria sensitive skin:

Urticaria is a popular word known to everyone, but what is urticaria? These are swelling of the skin, pink in color, as a result of the strong and sudden release of histamine, after the body is exposed to one of the allergens, such as mosquito bites or bedbugs, and there are two types of urticaria:

                 Acute urticaria:

Such as insect urticaria as mentioned or direct exposure to the sun, and acute urticaria takes from a week to ten days.

                Chronic urticaria:

It may take six weeks.

Skin allergy to eating:

Skin allergy to eating is one of the most common types of sudden allergys, and the sensitivity of the skin to eating is usually accompanied by other symptoms, such as: diarrhea, vomiting, and Hamadan.
It is not possible to limit the foods that cause allergys because everybody differs in its reaction to the other, and sometimes it is not possible to predict the type of food that causes the allergy, so consulting an allergy doctor, in this case, is necessary, to conduct some tests and analyzes to determine the type of the cause of allergys and its treatment.

Ski(n allergy treatment

We can say that there are natural methods for treating allergic skin, and other methods of drug treatment, and among these


You can use cold water compresses for places with allergys.
Refrain from using scented soaps or perfumes and cosmetics during the allergy period, and reduce them in general.

For dry skin:

Use natural skin moisturizers once or twice a day.
Use antihistamine creams on the affected areas.
You can use antihistamine pills, such as: Claritin your minister, once a day without consulting your doctor.
Consult a dermatologist or allergy and immunity, especially if the skin allergy is accompanied by other symptoms, such as mouth ulcers or vomiting and diarrhea.
In conclusion, skin allergy is a common disease or symptom in different age groups, and there are various reasons for this allergy, and identifying the causes of sudden allergys is necessary so that you can treat it properly and take proper ways to prevent it.

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