The correct way to sleep your baby

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The correct way to sleep your baby

The correct way to sleep your baby

  • Contents of the correct position of the infant’s sleep Is the infant’s sleep on his stomach dangerous?
  • When can the infant sleep on his stomach?
  • Is a baby sleeping on his side dangerous? 
  • Should the baby sleep on a pillow? 

Tips on infant sleep 

The sleep mode of the infant plays an important role in determining whether to get a safe and sound sleep or not? Therefore, it is necessary to know the safe sleeping areas for children, to avoid any possible danger during sleep. My website gives you everything you need to know about the correct position of the infant’s sleep and answers some of the questions related to the infant’s sleep in this article.

The right position to sleep the infant 

The best position to sleep the infant is to sleep on the back, and that when sleeping at any time during the day, whether during naps or short rest periods or sleep at night. Sleeping on the back helps to reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome in children, and sudden infant death syndrome are unexpected deaths of infants linked to the method of infant sleep, as this situation keeps the airways open, and the American National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has described this situation as the best Sleeping mode for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics also made a recommendation to sleep in this situation in 1992, and since then the sudden death rate for children has decreased by more than 50%. Just be aware that with sleeping on the back, flatness of the head occurs in the back of the skull, but do not worry, the shape will become normal when the infant reaches his first year, and rarely requires any treatment, and you can change the position of the child during the day to reduce flatness of the head. 

Is a baby sleeping on his stomach dangerous?

It is not recommended that baby sleep on his stomach for several reasons, including The child can put pressure on his jaw and nose during sleep, which reduces the airway space and restricts breathing. The child’s sleeping on his stomach makes his face close to the bedsheet, which causes him not to breathe new pure oxygen, but rather to breathe the same air loaded with carbon dioxide, and instead of the new oxygen entering the lungs and then into the blood he enters carbon dioxide. If the mattress is too soft to keep the infant’s body still, it can cause suffocation while sleeping on the abdomen. The child can also breathe in the microbes on the mattress.

 When can my baby sleep on his stomach?

In rare cases, some doctors may advise the child to sleep on his stomach, if the child has a medical condition that causes him to vomit continuously, so that there is no blockage in the airway, but due to the possible seriousness of the matter as we mentioned, You should not do this without talking to your child’s doctor to determine precautions for this. It is also possible for the infant to sleep on the stomach to treat gases and cramps, but even if you follow that, it should not be immediately after feeding, and be in front of your eyes all the time and for a few minutes. 

Is the infant sleeping on his side dangerous? 

It is not safe for children to sleep on The side because it will mostly tip his body over his stomach, which is dangerous for him, but if he does not turn on his stomach then there is no problem sleeping on the side. Should the baby sleep on a pillow? It is recommended not to use pillows for infants during sleep, especially in the first year of their life, whether under their heads or next to them, and the same with animal stuffed toys around the child in the crib, that is, anything that can cover the head or face of the child while sleeping is not recommended. . Tips on infant sleep In addition to knowing good and bad sleeping conditions, some tips should be followed to protect the infant from any potential risk, especially sudden death syndrome, including:
  • Not sleeping with an adult, so that the child does not harm the child with repeated movements, but the infant should sleep in a separate bed.
  • Not covering the child’s head or face during sleep, which may cause suffocation or high temperature. Refrain from smoking in the infant’s sleeping place. 
  • Smoking next to the baby is harmful at any time, even during pregnancy, but during sleep the risk increases. 
  • You may feel that following the right position to sleep the infant on the back is almost impossible, as it seems that many children sleep better on their stomachs or sides, but with time your child will get used to this safe sleeping position, and that once your child can roll, he will be able to return He put it himself.

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