The fastest way to get rid of acidity without medication


Feeling of discomfort and pain, especially for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, who cannot take medications to get rid of them, which may cause them to suffer greatly, and heartburn or acidity often occur as a result of wrong eating or life habits, and the doctor often prescribes antacid medications, but their effect is usually It is temporary and soon you suffer from heartburn again, but you can treat stomach acidity in natural ways, just by following some healthy daily habits to relieve its symptoms without medication.

The fastest way to get rid of acidity without medication

Follow in this article dear, the quickest way to get rid of acidity, in addition to the most important natural tips and recipes to permanently get rid of acidity.

Acidity causes to get rid of stomach acidity

You may only need, dear, to change your diet or the way you sleep, and other habits that you may do naturally and do not know that it may increase acidity and heartburn, but before we review the ways to get rid of heartburn, discover first, how does gastric acid reflux occur?
Heartburn occurs when stomach acid is pushed into the esophagus, which is the tube that carries food and drinks from the mouth to the stomach and usually does not cause any symptoms, but if it occurs repeatedly, stomach acid causes heartburn of the thin films lining the esophagus, causing acidity and a burning sensation in the chest and throat, and some factors increase the chance of reflux and acidity of the stoginger namely:
-Obesity or weight gain, and the accumulation of excess fat in the abdominal area, especially that causes increased stomach acidity.
-Pregnancy, the fetus’s pressure on the stomach, as well as frequent changes in the levels of hormones in the pregnant woman’s body.
Eat right before bed.
-Take certain medications, such as asthma treatments, antibiotics, and contraceptives.
-Eat fatty and high-fat meals, as the stomach needs a longer period to get rid of stomach acid after digesting these types of foods.
-Drink soft drinks and caffeine-rich mint drinks, eat onion-containing foods, tomato paste and juice, and citrus fruits.

The fastest way to get rid of acidity

To treat heartburn or heartburn in natural ways, here are some simple, proven methods that help you get rid of acidity or quickly reduce its acidity:
Don’t overeat:
At the end of the esophagus there is a ring-like muscle that acts as a valve to prevent gastric acid from going up into the esophagus, and when swallowing or vomiting this muscle opens naturally and without that remains closed, but if you suffer from acidity and reflux, then this muscle weakens and is What causes an imbalance in her job, especially with pressure on her in the event of excessive eating, so you usually feel acidic after meals, and to avoid feeling acid, try my dear, not to overeating, and it is preferred to divide the food into small meals throughout the day.
Get rid of extra weight:

You may not feel that there is a relationship between your excess weight and acidity, but being overweight is one of the main causes of gastric acid reflux, as abdominal fat causes pressure on the esophageal muscle up, causing acid reflux and a burning sensation in the chest and throat, which is also what happens to pregnant women, but because of the pressure of the fetus.

If you suffer from chronic acidity, you can get rid of some extra pounds, either by diet or exercise to get rid of heartburn, and you are in good health.
Reduce your intake of sugars and carbohydrates:
Consuming sugars and carbohydrates not only causes weight gain, but excessive intake is associated with increased heartburn as well, as undigested carbohydrates cause bacteria to grow and feel bloated and increase pressure inside the abdomen, which causes reflux, so instead of eating Cakes, donuts, and sweets, replace them with fresh fruits, juices and natural sweeteners like honey to beat acidity.
Reduce gluten intake:

Reduce gluten intake, such as white flour baked goods. A recent study has shown that 30% of people have a gluten allergy. One of the most important symptoms is acidity, and even if you are not affected by this allergy, gluten increases heartburn.

Make sure to sleep calmly and choose a correct sleep position:

Disturbed sleep increases heartburn the next day, which leads to more disturbed sleep at night, so you should sleep quiet, and get enough sleep, and you can take a warm bath before your bedtime Eat a cup of hot chamomile, which is known to cause relaxation and calming the stomach.

Likewise, if you feel the symptoms of acidity and heartburn before going to sleep, be sure to take a suitable sleep position, as sleep and head is low helps stomach acid reflux, so doctors advise those who suffer from acidity and pregnant women to sleep and head high from the body, and you can rely on some pillows before bed To reduce acidity.

Causes of persistent acidity of the stomach

As we mentioned earlier, esophageal muscle weakness is the main cause of gastric acid reflux, but acidity and heartburn are also associated with many other reasons, the most important of which are:
Wrong eating habits:
-Eat large amounts of food.
Eat foods that increase acidity, such as: onions, chocolate, mint, spicy or fat-rich foods, citrus fruits, garlic, tomatoes, and others.
Excessive caffeine and soft drinks.
Eat right before bed.
Wrong life habits:

Obesity and overweight. Smoking during pregnancy. Wearing tight clothing such as jeans, belts, and bras. Lie down after meals.

Medical reasons:

Stomach ulcers.
Infection with certain types of bacteria.
Take some medications, especially some mantibiotics and aspirin. Esophageal reflux.

Diaphragm hernia.

Acid prescriptions without medications

You can use some natural recipes based on herbs or household ingredients to get rid of acidity without using any medications, such as:
Acidity treatment with ginger:
Ginger is one of the herbs known for its benefits for the digestive system, as it helps to digest and get rid of nausea and heartburn, and it is one of the herbs that can be eaten safely during pregnancy, so eat a cup of boiled ginger daily, and leave the stomach acidity.
Treat acidity with water:
In addition to its multiple benefits, many studies have indicated that consuming water is a quick and simple way to reduce heartburn and acidity.
Sodium bicarbonate for acidity treatment:
Sodium bicarbonate has an alkaline nature, which is equivalent to the acidity of the stomach effectively, so you can make a recipe to get rid of acidity quickly by adding ½ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to ½ cup of warm water and some lemon drops, and take the mixture when you feel acid and you will notice an immediate improvement and a sense of comfort.
Acidity treatment with chamomile:
Chamomile helps to feel relaxed and relieve anxiety and stress, which helps greatly to eliminate acidity and stomach cramps.
Add 1 tablespoon of chamomile to a cup of boiling water, cover the mixture for ten minutes and then eat it warm. You can eat chamomile three times a day, preferably before bed.
Treat acidity with gum:
Chewing gum is a quick solution to relieve heartburn, especially if you are outside the house and do not find a quick way to treat it, as chewing gum increases salivation, which reduces stomach acid and a feeling of relief.
Finally, dear, after learning about the causes of heartburn and the quickest way to get rid of acidity, be aware that you can treat stomach acidity in natural ways, just all you need is to follow a healthy diet and avoid the wrong daily habits to get rid of heartburn permanently without medication.

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