Treating menstrual pain

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Perhaps you or your daughter may feel some pain during the menstrual cycle, and you prefer to overcome those pain by consuming natural products and not to multiply from analgesics.

Treating menstrual pain

And sometimes you have to take painkillers and medications to relieve pain, so we present to you in this article the causes of menstrual pain, and some natural ways to get rid of them, We also offer medications types.

Menstrual pain before going down

One or two days before the menstruation, you feel pain and pain in the lower abdomen, back, and upper thighs and the cause of these pain is severe uterine contractions, and these pain may continue until the beginning of the bleeding and disappear on its own with the regular bleeding, and you may feel beside the menstrual pain Before getting off with some other symptoms, such as heaviness in the breasts, pain in the armpit, or feeling bloated and nausea, or change your mood, this condition is called premenstrual syndrome.
Natural remedies for menstrual pain
There are several ways to relieve menstrual pain and get rid of them without resorting to painkillers or a lot of them:
Having a warm bath with your body massage will stimulate blood circulation, thereby increasing bleeding and reducing uterine contractions and contractions.
Sleeping is also a helpful way to calm the body, especially on the back or abdomen, with a warm water bag to reduce pain.
Warming up the place if you are in the winter or cooling it if you are in the summer because the extreme cold and the extreme heat is stressful for women during the menstrual cycle.
Doing exercise, even if some simple physical exercises or light walking, women who exercise regularly reduce their pain and menstrual pain.

Treating menstrual pain with herbs

Eat cinnamon, as it is one of the best drinks to relieve menstrual pain, as it helps to bleed and thus reduces uterine contractions and contractions. Fenugreek drink is also a useful drink that is known to increase bleeding and thus reduce pain and cramps.
In general, take soft drinks for all types of cramps, such as mint and monthly.
Sweeten all drinks with honey, because it is in itself an antioxidant and beneficial for the blood circulation.

Medicinal treatments for menstrual pain

Analgesics for the menstrual cycle:

In addition to natural remedies, you may have to use analgesics for severe menstrual pain, and among the most famous of these are analgesics: aspirin and its derivatives: such as Provin, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Ketaflam, etc., all of which are available in pharmacies and without the doctor’s asylum.
Paracetamol and its derivatives:
Also used as a pain reliever for menstrual periods.

Lower abdomen pain during menstruation

During menstruation, due to hormonal changes, the body secretes prostaglandin, which leads to severe contractions in the womb, and these uterine contractions make you feel pain in the lower abdomen, back, and upper thighs, as we mentioned earlier.

Menstrual pain after it ends

It is normal for the menstrual pain to begin two days before its descent and disappear immediately after the regular bleeding or continue for one day at the most after the bleeding, but if you suffer from the pain of the menstrual cycle at an unexpected date and after its end, this is due to one of the following reasons:
Ovarian polycystic disease or syndrome:
The irregular period during the ovarian cyst, makes you feel the pain of menstruation without bleeding.
Infection with endometriosis:
It makes you feel the pain of the menstrual cycle in time.
Infection of the uterine fibroid:
This causes irregular menstruation and difficulty in uterine muscle contractions, which leads to continued menstruation pain after it ends.
The occurrence of frequent infections in the pelvic region without treatment:
This can cause you to feel menstrual pain at the wrong time or after it ends.
If the pain continues after the end of the period, or if you feel the pain of the menstrual cycle outside of her time, do not hesitate to go to the doctor and consult with him.

The reason for the absence of menstrual pain

Menstrual pain is a natural pain that occurs for many girls and women, and the feeling of pain increases whenever you are young, and the pain decreases or disappears completely with age or after your first pregnancy.

Menstrual pain and its relationship to pregnancy

If menstrual pain is a result of secondary causes, such as: ovarian cyst, endometrium, fibrous uterine tumor, or chronic pelvic infections, then the chance of developing menstruation delays is more than if the this pain is a result of the primary cause of uterine contraction only.
In conclusion, after we told you about the treating menstrual pain, this pain is a natural pain that occurs for all women a day or two before the menstrual blood falls and disappears with the blood flow, and the intensity varies from one woman to another, and you can overcome it with some warm drinks, some yoga exercises, and getting In a warm bath, massage in the lower abdomen, and if you feel the pain of menstruation after it ends, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

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