What is the treatment of colds for pregnant woman?

What is the treatment of colds for pregnant woman?
On cold winter days, colds, colds and flu are common, and having these roles during pregnancy can affect your general health and your unborn child, so many doctors advise mothers who plan to become pregnant, or who are already pregnant, to take the flu vaccination in the fall months.

What is the treatment for colds for pregnant woman?
In this article, we will present you with a cold treatment for a pregnant woman, and the way in which the mother should deal with colds and flu.

Treating a common cold and colds for pregnant woman

Cold infection occurs as a result of a viral infection, and the cold virus affects the nose, lips, sinuses, and upper air passages in the respiratory system.
During which the body fights the virus and infections.
There is no specific treatment of colds for pregnant woman, but read the following:
  • Commit to rest as much as possible. Get enough hours of sleep.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and warm liquids, and prefer sweet drinks sweetened with honey.
  • Make sure to wear clothes that are atmospheric, and warm the body well.
  • Gargle with warm and saltwater.
  • Use of nasal saline sprays.
  • Do steam sessions, even if using hot water in a closed bathroom, when congestion increases and difficulty breathing increases and difficulty breathing.
  • Some mild analgesics can be used, such as paracetamol.
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Treating influenza and colds for pregnant woman

Influenza is a viral infection as well, but it is from a different group of viruses than those that cause cold, and is characterized by more severe symptoms and more severe and for a longer period, and influenza are diseases that need to resort to the doctor to get treatment Adequate, especially during pregnancy, in addition to the rest, fluids, proper heating, and previous natural methods, the mother may need to take an antiviral treatment, which will not end the role of influenza, but helps to:
  • shorten the period of illness.
  • Treat some troublesome symptoms.
  • Reducing the chances of complications from the disease.
  • The mother may also need stronger analgesics than paracetamol, and it is allowed during pregnancy, and treatment is only prescribed by a doctor.

Treating a common cold in a pregnant woman during different pregnancy

Treating a colds for pregnant woman in the first, second and third month of pregnancy:

According to the recommendations of most gynecologists and obstetricians, we do not advise a pregnant woman to take any medications in the first three months of pregnancy, as this is the critical period in which most vital organs in the body Fetus, so we don’t advise you, dear, to take any cure for a cold in these months without consulting your physician.

Treatments allowed in the first trimester of pregnancy include: 

Applying the upper chest and sides of the head with creams containing mint oil.
Nasal strips can be used to help reduce congestion in the upper air passages.
Tablets intended for the treatment of pericardial congestion.
Paracetamol or acetaminophen for pain relief and treatment for high fever.
Some cough treatments.

Treatments prohibited for treating a common cold in the first, second and third months:

  • aspirin and its derivatives.
  • Ibuprofen.
  • Naproxen.
  • Codeine.

Some antibiotics.

Treating a colds for pregnant woman in the fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy:

Some doctors advise to be cautious in using medications until the full 28th week of pregnancy, while others do not see any harm in using some medications when necessary. Treating a cold for a pregnant woman in the seventh, eighth, and ninth months of pregnancy.

Cold and influenza cases in the last months of pregnancy:

must be treated with great care, and the treatment report is returned to the attending physician.
At this stage, the mother can receive the appropriate treatments in complete safety.
Besides the annoying cold roles that may afflict you during pregnancy, however, with the entry of the fourteenth week, almost two-thirds of pregnant woman develop a symptom of a stuffy nose or a cold, so in this article, you will know how to treat the common cold with herbs.
Dear mother, despite the difficult symptoms of influenza and cold roles in a pregnant woman, the treatment of colds for pregnant woman always depends on adjuvant therapies, and you should never resort to using any medication except by referring to the attending physician

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