Hantavirus has come

Hantavirus has come
The Hantavirus issues the most prominent topics circulated among activists on social networking sites, Twitter, globally after reports circulated by media outlets about recording a death in China. New Corona or what has come to be known as “Covid-19”.
Hantavirus has come

What is Hantavirus?


According to the Center for Epidemiology and Prevention in America, the Hanta virus is a family of viruses that circulate through rodents and cause many diseases for people around the world.
The virus is known in America as the “New World Virus” and causes the so-called HTA, known as the virus in Europe And Asia as “the ancient world virus” and causes diseases with symptoms of fever and bleeding in addition to causing nephrotic syndrome.

How is the Hantavirus transmitted?

The newspaper “USA Today” quoted the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the virus belongs to a family of viruses, which are spread through rodents.
Each type of Hantavirus has a specific species of rodent that it carries and is transmitted to humans through the urine of rodents, residues, and saliva, and to a lesser degree, through exposure of a person to a bite of a rodent that carries the virus, according to the Epidemiological and Prevention Center.

Worldwide recorded Hantavirus infections?

The virus is not new. According to the World Health Organization, many outbreaks were recorded around the world, including in Panama in 2000 and the United States of America in 2012, in addition to recording cases in Argentina in 2019.

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