Newborn stomach cramp, crying

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Newborn stomach cramp, crying

Newborn stomach cramp crying

The kid’s crying will increase at the start of his life, and the mom regularly does now not know the motive for his crying, especially after feeding him and changing his diaper, and many of the ones round her propose many motives, which includes gases or stomach pain and others.
If you are harassed and complain that the reason for your infant’s crying is cramp, “4mumy” will relieve you of this confusion, and inform you of the reasons, symptoms and the whole lot associated with newborn cramp.

How do I know if my baby has cramps?

One out of every five children suffers from cramp, you may find that your baby cries a lot for no apparent reason and the reason may be feeling cramp, and cramp itself is not a disease and does not cause harm to the child, and it usually decreases or ends after four months of the child’s age.
Crying for no apparent reason without needing food or changing diapers.
You start crying in the evening or at the same time every night.
Crying for more than three hours a day and for more than three days a week for a period of no less than three weeks.
More intense sounds like a loud shout.
The child never calms even with feeding him.
The child tightens his grip.
He bends his arms and feet towards his stomach.
He has a bloated belly.
He has a glowing face and tends to turn red when he cries.
He comes out gas while crying.
Abdominal muscles are tight.

Signs of an infant with a stomach ache that requires a doctor to be se

If your child has not had cramps before, and you have noticed previous symptoms, you should see a doctor make sure you have a cramp and not something else.
If cramp is accompanied by high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation, you should see a doctor.
If your child is more than four months old, he still suffers from cramp.
If your baby refuses to breastfeed, the severity of cramp, and it does not increase weight naturally.

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What causes stomach cramps in newborn babies?

Allergy to some types of foods the mother eats:

It has been found that the mother’s consumption of substances that contain cow’s milk causes cramp in newborns who are allergic to some types of protein contained in cow’s milk. It has been observed that a third of newborns who suffer from this condition have cramp disappeared when the mother stops eating these Foods. It has been found that there is a relationship between newborn cramp and eating some foods, such as cabbage, onions, and coffee.

Increase of gases:

Gases that enter the infant’s intestine during feeding times, especially if the method of breastfeeding the child is wrong or the child does not belch after feeding it is considered one of the causes of newborn cramp.

Neurological development of some newborns:

The lack of development of the nervous system in infants leads to a bulge in the intestine of children.

Stress and stress:

It has been found that there is a strong relationship between newborn cramp and psychological pressures that the mother is exposed to during her pregnancy, especially if the husband shows a negative feeling during pregnancy and childbirth.

How can I help my newborn with cramps?

Cramp has no cure, but there are some medications that reduce its severity, and if cramp is accompanied by gases, you can give your child some medication to expel the gases.
There are a range of home remedies that can alleviate newborn cramp.
Drinking water, even in small quantities, helps to treat constipation, diarrhea, and stomach ache.
Attention to breastfeeding during illness, because it enhances the immunity of your child.
After each breastfeed, try to help him burp to expel the air from his stomach.
Most children, especially those who are sucked from the bottle, swallow large amounts of air.
Do some exercises or massage the baby’s stomach with oils to help him relieve stomach aches and enjoy a restful sleep after each feeding.
Warm compresses on a child’s stomach are a simple treatment for a child with stomach aches by stimulating proper digestion and releasing unpleasant gases.
Paying great attention to your child’s hygiene through regular bathrooms and cleaning them well when changing folders or using the toilet.
Hygiene is two-thirds of health.

In the end, after knowing everything related to newborn cramp, including causes, treatment, and prevention, do not hesitate to see a doctor when strange signs appear on your child.

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