10 natural recipes to increase hormone progesterone (Pregnancy hormone)

The hormone progesterone is a hormone that is produced naturally by the body and have a great role in the fertility process.

10 natural recipes to increase hormone progesterone (Pregnancy hormone)

Its benefits to the body and its deficiency cause many problems for women.

In this article, will you learn more about hormone progesterone?

In addition to natural recipes to increase hormone progesterone if you decrease it.

What is the hormone progesterone hormone?

The hormone progesterone (Pregnancy hormone) is produced by the body of men and women, but it have a great role for women, and despite its association with menopause, pregnancy and the general health of women, it has a more important role if a woman wants to become pregnant and wants to increase her chances of conceiving, and a decrease in the hormone progesterone in the body leads to many problems, including:
-Infertility or miscarriage.
-Uterine bleeding.
-Irregular periods of the menstrual cycle.
-Decreased sexual desire.
Here, the doctor provides various forms of drugs to increase hormone progesterone in the body, but unfortunately chemicals, some of which may increase the risk of other diseases, such as:
breast cancer, so it is always better before resorting to the doctor’s medicines, you should try natural solutions to increase the levels of the hormone progesterone in the body.

Natural recipes to increase hormone progesterone

If you are looking for natural ways to increase the hormone progesterone in the body, you can use the natural pills and creams in pharmacies, after consulting a doctor.
Creams are used to apply to the thighs, arms, and abdomen twice a day.
As for pills, you take them according to the dose prescribed by your doctor.
Some creams and pills are made from completely natural ingredients, which are the types that we are talking about.
And you can increase hormone progesterone by eating certain foods and focus on them in your diet.
Here are some foods that help increase the hormone progesterone:
-The banana.

Other ways to increase the secretion of hormone progesterone

In addition to using natural hormone progesterone treatments, there are other ways you can increase the secretion of hormone progesterone in your body, including:

Maintaining weight:

Excess weight in a woman’s body helps more to produce estrogen, which causes an imbalance between it and the production of hormone progesterone, which leads to symptoms of a lack of hormone progesterone.

Reducing stress and anxiety:

stress, stress and anxiety, and other psychological problems, help to increase the production of stress hormones and reduce the secretion of the hormone progesterone.
Try to reduce stress as much as possible by exercising, yoga and reading.

Lack of excessive exercise:

abstaining from exercise is a big problem, excessive exercise is also a problem, balance is required, and more important than exercise in abundance, attend it moderately.

Sleeping regularly:

Not getting enough sleep raises stress hormone levels (cortisol) and causes hormonal imbalances, which affects the secretion of hormone progesterone, so give your sleep a little priority, because it has an effect on all of your vital body functions.

Herbs to increase hormone progesterone

Herbalists also have a great role an important role in increasing the rate of hormone progesterone production in the body, including:

Red Raspberry Leaves:

Proven to regulate hormone progesterone, to support hormone balance.


The body’s ability to secrete a hormone increases over time.

Mulberry Tree:

Stimulates the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) from the brain, which in turn stimulates ovaries to produce hormone progesterone.

The importance of hormone progesterone for women

Maintaining a balanced hormone progesterone production in your body has many benefits, including:
-Protect the endometrium.
-Prevention of uterine cancer.
-Maintaining good cholesterol levels in the body.
-Reducing the symptoms associated with menopause.
-Reducing the side effects of any other
-hormone medications.
Now that you have a variety of natural ways and recipes to increase hormone progesterone in your body, before choosing which method, you must do hormone analysis and consult a doctor about any method you follow to increase the secretion of the hormone progesterone in your body

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