4 tricks to discover secret cameras in the changing room

4 tricks to discover secret cameras in the changing room
Fear of changing clothes in the changing room located in different stores because of the fear of having secret cameras, this is frightening for many women, due to the many incidents that we hear about from photographing naked women with secret cameras and blackmailing them after that, so we review with you in this article the places You may have secret cameras in it.
4 tricks to discover secret cameras in the changing room
4 tricks to discover secret cameras in the changing room
And we advise you to check the changing room thoroughly, to make sure that it is completely free of any secret cameras.

Tricks to discover secret cameras

In the changing room, here are some tricks that will help you discover secret cameras hidden in the changing room:

Check the changing room well:

You should check the place thoroughly before changing your clothes in the changing room to make sure there are no secret cameras, especially in the place of the smoke detector, air filter equipment, the door handle, the top of the mirror, wall decor, electrical sockets, places for hanging clothes, and watches.

Turn off the light to discover the secret cameras light:

Most secret cameras have red or green “LED” lamps, which appear clearly when the lighting is dim in the changing room, to produce clear night vision images, turn off the light and discover where the secret cameras are.

Use secret cameras discovery app on the phone:

You can download programs to discover secret cameras on your mobile phone, when you turn them on, it gives you an indication that there is a secret cameras in this place, in addition to that you can make some phone calls in the changing room, and if the communication process is disrupted or interference occurs, this indicates the possibility of secret cameras.

Shine the mobile flash light on the mirror:

Shine the mobile flash light on the mirror inside the changing room, this trick will enable you to reveal what is behind the mirror, there may be secret cameras on the other side of it, as some shop owners resort to hiding secret cameras directly behind the mirror, and to make sure more you can check the mirror with your hands.
Finally, my dear, with these tricks you can now discover whether there are secret cameras in the shop’s changing room or not with ease.

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