4 ways to treat the causes of excessive sweating on the face

Sweat is the body’s way of regulating its temperature and taking out the extra salts and toxins in it, so it is a natural and necessary reaction to enjoying good health, despite its often irritating smell.
4 ways to treat the causes of excessive sweating on the face

One of the problems that a woman may face is excessive sweating on the face compared to the rest of her body, which is a matter of great discomfort, especially if she uses make-up daily, as excessive sweating on the face causes her great embarrassment because of the appearance of lines on the face.

In this article, we review in detail with you the causes of excessive sweating on the face, and how to treat it

Causes of excessive sweating on the face

Excessive sweating on the face is a problem that is not related to exposure to a high temperature, or the exercise of great physical exertion, or eating hot food, as this can happen in moderate or cold weather, or during sleep and rest, and this’s due to the following reasons:

An increase in the activity of sweat glands in the face:

A large number of sweat glands in the face and the increase in their activity, is one of the main causes of excessive sweating on the face, and if it exceeds its severity, it is possible to surgically interfere with it to remove some of these glands.

Genetic factors:

One medical study demonstrated that 30 to 50% of people with excessive sweating on the face have a family medical history of this condition.

Natural triggers for sweating:

Although excessive sweating on the face or head can occur at any time, and is not associated with certain factors, it also increases with the body’s exposure to natural sweating stimuli, such as hot weather, stress, exercise, anger, fear, or eating spicy foods
There are two main types of excessive sweating, the primary and the secondary:

Increased primary sweating:

It is the most common type, and is not associated with any health problem or clear causes, and usually affects hands, feet, head, and face, and can occur in other parts of the body as well, and is mostly due to one of the reasons we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Secondary hyperhidrosis:

This’s what often causes suddenly increased sweating, and is usually associated with a health problem, such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes, spinal cord, hyperthyroidism, or menopause.
Sudden sweating may also be caused by taking certain medications, such as antidepressants.
In general, the first step for anyone suffering from any type of excessive sweating should be to see a doctor, to have a full examination, to ensure that there is no health problem.
As we mentioned, sweat has many benefits for the body, and below we tell you the benefits of sweating on the face, keep reading.

Benefits of facial sweats

Frequently, many questions are asked about the benefit of sweat, especially those who suffer from excessive sweating on the face, and the fact that facial sweat benefit is among the benefits of sweat for the body in general, namely:
-Regulating body temperature.
-Help with wound healing.
-Toxins are released from the body.
-Preventing kidney stones.
-Improve the psychological state.
-Treat some pain.
As for the ways to treat increased sweating on the face, this’s what you will know now.

How do I get rid of excessive sweating in the face?

There are a large number of treatment options available that can help you treat excessive sweating on the face, such as:
Use of antiperspirants that are purchased without consulting a doctor, and contain aluminum chloride.
Use of aluminum chloride hexahydrate antiperspirants, but they require consulting a doctor, as they may irritate the skin.
Take medications that reduce sweating and are taken orally, which the doctor must also prescribe, because they have some side effects, such as constipation, urinary retention, dizziness, and dry mouth, which are temporary and not a permanent treatment.
The use of Botox injections to reduce the activity of nerves that affect the sweat glands and of course, a good doctor must be used to do it, which is a good way to get rid of excess sweat and give long-term results.
In addition to the previous treatment methods, there are many tips that you can follow in your daily life to overcome the causes of excessive sweating on the face, namely:
-Take frequent showers to eliminate skin bacteria and get rid of moisture.
-Keep a soft towel or tissue in your bag, office, or car, to dry excess sweat at any time.
-Use unscented face powder to help absorb moisture.
-Reducing spicy foods, caffeine, and hot drinks.
-Wear light fabrics, and drink soft drinks.
-Eat smaller meals throughout the day, to regulate digestion that increases body temperature.
-Not exercising immediately before work or other social activities, as sweating persists for some time after exercise.
Now you know with us the causes of excessive sweating on the face, and how to treat and deal with it, but if it gets worse, it is better to consult a dermatologist, to determine the cause of the problem, and help you in its treatment.

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