How to make baby sleep on his own?

The majority of mothers complain that they are having difficulties sleeping their children, and because this problem is a common problem, in this article we have gathered for you some ways that can help your baby sleep on his own quietly at night without waking up.
How to make baby sleep on his own?

Errors in sleep for baby’s

-Not to stick to a daily routine so that the baby gets to sleep through it, and disorder the sleeping hours.
– Allow the baby to remain awake and not create an appropriate atmosphere for him, such as reducing light, for example.
– Putting the dolls next to the baby, which contributes to his distraction, which means not sleeping.
– Do not turn off the electronic devices and keep them away from you and your baby at bedtime. Do not turn off electronic devices and keep them away from you and your baby at bedtime. According to some research, the waves produced by these devices disrupt the normal sleep cycle.
-Postponing the regulation of children’s sleep due to teething – for example – may make it more difficult after skipping that stage.
– The size of expectations is very high, you may have heard about children sleeping all night at the age of eight weeks or taking a nap for two hours, twice a day, and you wish your baby to be like this, but you must know that the children are different, as the baby wakes up for breastfeeding between three and four At least months.

How to make baby sleep on his own

These tricks make your baby sleep on his own without making an effort with him and without waking up:
Familiarizing your baby with a routine of sleeping.
Determine at a certain time of the night to bathe your baby, and after that, sing to him or return him to grunts or a song to sleep because this increases his enthusiasm, makes the bedtime exciting for him, wearing comfortable clothes to sleep, calm the room light, put him in his bed and calm him until Fall asleep and sleep.

Skin comes into contact with the skin

Studies and research have shown that children who suffer from a significant lack of physical contact with their parents and their mothers, have more stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to many health problems including sleep disturbance, so we recommend you, dear mother, with many kisses and hugs and skin contact with Your baby so that he falls asleep easily at night.

Dim light in the room

The bright light in the room sends a clear message to the brain to remain awake, in addition to that many studies have proven that the bright light causes fatigue and disturbs sleep, so experts advise the need to use a dim light during sleep.

Gradual withdrawal

Scientists advise that the mother stay next to her baby until he sleeps, make sure of his sleep, and then gradually withdraw from his neighborhood.

Control the crying of the baby

Experts advise to calm the baby’s crying before bed, by holding him or staying beside him until he calms down then putting him on his bed while he is still awake, until your baby sleep on his own, and the aim of this method is to help the baby sleep on his own independently and calmly.

Provide or delay the hour of sleep

Experts advise that the bedtime is 30 minutes to an hour later than usual for a temporary period, this method may work for infants or young children.
Finally, my dear, we recommend that you try these steps so that your baby sleep on his own.

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