Reasons to perform progesterone analysis

Reasons to perform progesterone analysis

Pregnancies, or for women who take progesterone during pregnancy.

Know the causes of abnormal uterine bleeding.
Knowing the underlying causes of late pregnancy.
Diagnosis of adrenal disorder.
Reasons to perform progesterone analysis
The test is designed to know the level of progesterone immediately, and the test should be taken within 18-24 days of the first day of the menstrual cycle or seven days before the next cycle, and based on the result of the analysis and the level of progesterone in the blood will determine whether the ovulation was performed and an egg was released or not.
In addition to testing the progesterone level, your doctor may need to do several other tests.

The result of a natural progesterone analysis

As mentioned, the levels of progesterone fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, so the levels will vary over the course of the month and thus the time of the test will affect the result.
The following table lists the normal levels of progesterone in an adult female. During different points in the menstrual cycle, progesterone levels are measured in ng per milliliter.
-Stage                       -progesterone level (ng / mL)
pre-ovulation           <0.89
ovulation                  ≤ 12
after ovulation          1.8 – 24
Abnormal results may include:

Progesterone levels do not fluctuate regularly during your cycle:

This will be determined by multiple tests, if tests show that your progesterone levels do not rise and fall during the month as they should, this may mean that the ovulation does not take place, and that you do not get regular menstrual cycles, and you may This makes pregnancy more difficult.

Low levels of the hormone progesterone:

It depends on the time the test was taken, and this may be due to: The ovaries do not function normally (ovulation did not occur).

The possibility of an abnormal pregnancy.
The price of the progesterone analysis varies from country to country, as well as the costs vary according to the place where you will take the test, and the extent of your health insurance coverage, you can go to the nearest laboratory and analyze all the details about the progesterone analysis.

How do I know I am pregnant with progesterone analysis?

If the egg is fertilized, the yellow body does not degrade and continues to produce progesterone, which stimulates the blood vessels that feed the endometrium, making the endometrium a suitable place to supply the developing fetus with the food it needs. Once the placenta is formed, it begins to produce progesterone as well.
Produce gradually, until eventually becoming the primary product of progesterone.
Progesterone levels remain elevated throughout pregnancy, and these high levels prevent the body from producing new eggs during pregnancy, and also contribute to preparing your breasts for milk production. Here is a table showing the levels of progesterone during the three pregnancy seasons:
-One-third              -Progesteron level (ng / ml) 
The first third             11-44
The second third         25 – 83
The last third               58 – 214
Finally, at any time blood is drawn from you, whether to analyze the hormone progesterone or others, you may face some risks, most of these risks are slight but some are more serious, such as fainting and inflammation of a vein or infection at the site of withdrawal, and if you have a bleeding disorder, the risk of blood drawing is Above, be careful and share your condition with your laboratory doctor.

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