What’s the difference between feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual symptoms?

There are some symptoms that the woman feels before the menstrual period, which is similar to feeling the symptoms of pregnancy which makes you confused about knowing your current situation before going to the pregnancy analysis and making sure of it, so how can you know the difference between.

What’s the difference between feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual symptoms?
Feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual symptoms?
This is what we will answer you in this article.
The difference between feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual symptoms is the time period, as menstrual symptoms appear approximately a week or 10 days before the menstruation, and end during the days of the cycle or after its end depending on the nature of each woman, but feeling the symptoms of pregnancy will last for a longer period of time.
We’ll mention the difference between menstrual symptoms and feeling the symptoms of pregnancy.

The difference between feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual symptoms

-What are the symptoms of pregnancy?
-What is the difference between feeling the symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual symptoms ?
Breast pain

Breast pain in pregnant women:

Breast pain is known to be a sign of menstrual symptoms and its approaching, but it is also a sign of pregnancy, especially in a more severe form of menstrual symptoms , as the pain of the breasts increases day after day due to the high rate of progesterone, on the contrary In the case of menstrual symptoms, the aches decrease over time, and the ring color surrounding the nipple changes or expands slightly, becoming darker than usual.

Breast pain during the menstrual cycle:

Pain gradually disappears with the start of the cycle, as a result of the low rate of progesterone.

Abdominal pain and contractions

Abdominal pain when feeling the symptoms of pregnancy:

These contractions are more severe and more frequent over the first stage of pregnancy with a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and back, and this is accompanied by feeling nauseous and vomiting, especially in the morning.

Abdominal pain during menstrual symptoms :

The woman feels contractions in the lower abdomen before the onset of the session, and continues for one to three days after its descent.
Intense appetite for food or aversion to it

Open appetite at the beginning of pregnancy:

The woman is disturbed by the smell of some foods that she previously craved and preferred, while it may be attracted to foods that she did not prefer eating before, and on the other hand, the appetite of some women may increase significantly.

Open appetite during menstrual symptoms:

Appetite changes by eating excessive amounts of meals, or wanting to eat chocolate, sugars, sweets, or salty foods.
Feeling tired

Tired and fatigued when pregnant:

Bone and joint problems appear during the.feeling the symptoms of pregnancy.more sharply, and lead to a feeling of fatigue with a sense of dizziness and shortness of breath due to the high level of the hormone progesterone, with a feeling of excessive sleepiness.

Fatigue during menstruation symptoms:

Feeling pain in the joints and muscles with a sense of fatigue, and may cause a feeling of insomnia in some and a lot of sleep in others.

Colic for

Feeling the symptoms of pregnancy :

More severe and more frequent with nausea.

Colic during menstrual symptoms :

Less in the case of menstruation, and occurs in its presence and not before it.

What is the difference between back pain in pregnancy and pregnancy?

In fact, back pain is a pain in both cases, but usually it is not considered a strong pregnancy pain except in the case of bleeding or severe stress, so doctors prevent the pregnant woman from carrying heavy loads or pushing them, especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

Feeling of confirmed pregnancy symptoms

Bleeding spotting:

Some mild blood spots may descend for only a few days when the embryo implants into the uterine wall, and slight bleeding that lasts for several days occurs This slight bleeding cannot match the menstrual flow, not in terms of intensity or duration.

Frequent urination:

The need to urinate frequently throughout the day and the inability to imprison him, due to the increase in fluids in the body, as a result of the work of the kidneys that constantly fill the urinary bladder, with the emergence of a strong and permeable smell of urine.

High body temperature:

More than usual for long periods of time, with an excessive sweat increase, because the pregnancy hormone stimulates the sweat gland.


The intestine tends to be in a relaxed state as a result of hormonal changes, and this leads to constipation with a feeling of difficulty digestion and stomach infections.

Tightness, nausea or vomiting:

Some women feel uncomfortable and nauseous from any smelling things, such as perfume, soap, and incense.

Signs of pregnancy in the first week

All of the previously mentioned features of the first feeling the symptoms of pregnancy or early pregnancy symptoms, or pregnancy symptoms that appear even before you notice the delay in menstrual symptoms, that is in the first week of pregnancy.
-Feeling of some bloating.
-Feeling of cramps in the lower abdomen, such as spasms at the time of ovulation, but it is a little stronger.
-Feeling pain and weight in the breasts Menstrual cramps appear.
-A few drops of blood flow before this slight bleeding stops.
-Feeling very tired and exhausted.
The constant desire to sleep.
-Dark nipples change color.
Feeling sick.
-Persistent feeling of headache or dizzy.
-The emergence of a changing desire between craving for food or aversion to it (fatigue when pregnant).
-Feeling of a constant urge to urinate Feeling of constipation.
-Feeling some mood swings for no reason.
-A one or two degree higher body temperature than normal.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy

Many women fear that early pregnancy, such as an ectopic pregnancy, may occur, and due to its serious problems we wanted to clarify everything about it so that you can get to know it early, and avoid these serious problems.
Find out in this article about everything related to ectopic pregnancy, and you will find answers to all the questions that come to your mind.
My dear, do not underestimate if you feel these symptoms and suspect that pregnancy has occurred or resembled you and did not know the difference between feeling pregnancy symptoms and menstrual symptoms, go to the doctor immediately to confirm the pregnancy or to know the reasons that led to the delay of the menstrual cycle until it is treated

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