When does my baby start crawling? How do I help him?

When does my baby start crawling? How do I help him?

The development and growth of the baby day after day are what most pleases the mother, and makes her reassure the health of her baby, and among one of the most important signs of a child’s development, the baby start crawling, in preparation for the stage of standing and walking.

When does my baby crawl? How do I help him?

Why does my baby crawl on her back?

Certainly, this is normal it may start crawling back and then learn to crawl forward, or not crawl forward completely, the important thing is that it started moving, and the reason why your child crawl back because his arm muscles are stronger than the muscles of his legs, so he runs faster backward, and this matter Very common among children, and over time his legs muscles will strengthen and crawl forward automatically, but you can encourage him by putting the game he loves in front of him until he learns and crawls forward to reach it.

What age do babies start crawling?

Children start sitting before crawling,”baby crawl” begin at the age of 4-8 months, but sometimes children delay crawling at that age, and they may not crawl at all and start standing and walking immediately, if your baby does not have any problem with growth and was normal, And to sit alone without support, picks things up with both hands, uses his arms and legs evenly, wraps his body in both directions, and stands standing on something, so don’t worry.


How do I help my baby to learn crawling?

-You can help your baby sit on something from the sixth month on, and then place him on his stomach while awakening, to help him hold his head and lift it against his arms.
-With the start of the eighth month motivating him to develop a game he loves or any game that attracts his attention by lighting and music and the baby will try to crawl to reach it gradually, this movement helps your baby crawl and raise his head and body and try to move his feet and hands for crawling.
-Help your baby train and strengthen his arms and legs, as well as keep him lying on his stomach to learn to crawl and get used to crawling somewhat with great care to monitor him, so that he does not get tired of raising his head at first, encourage him but do not strain him.
-Kinetic development in children differs from one baby to another, while one of them walks quickly, the other may be delayed somewhat, and before walking several stages come in motion, as the infant begins to move and can first wrap himself and rotate his body, then the sitting stage begins, after which the baby starts crawling, Finally the walking stage comes.
-In the ninth month, the baby often starts crawling, and then the walk begins at or after the first year.

When should I be worried about baby not crawling?

“baby crawl” If your baby turns one year old and does not crawl or stand based on something, you may need to consult your child’s doctor and ensure that his bones and limbs are strong, and it may not exceed some natural delay.
(My own children didn’t crawl until 10 months)
Some babies never crawl at all, but you should pay attention to some symptoms, such as seemingly not interested in any movement and doesn’t yet know how to move his limbs.

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