When should the mother give water to a newborn?

When should the mother give water to a newborn?

I gave birth to my child in the winter season, and I didn’t worry about the issue of Give water to a newborn, but it remains an important issue that preoccupies every mother giving birth in the summer, especially since many of the tips that are directed to the mother at this time are to Give water to a newborn to reduce the temperature of the air and his body needs water.

When should the mother give water to a newborn?

And some The other tells her not to give him anything until the first month of his life is complete, and other opinions say that the child should not take anything other than breastfeeding milk, so what is the correct statement regarding the issue of Give water to a newborn?
This is what we will answer in this article.

Give water

to a newborn

If you are confused, we will make it much easier for you, and provide you with complete information about Give water to a newborn of different ages, and the problems that your newborn may be exposed to if drinking water at an inappropriate age, and all the information we mention has been reviewed by pediatricians.

When should I Give water to a newborn?

Pediatricians are advised to Give water to a newborn at the age of four or six months with the introduction of solid foods, and it is best to completely refrain from Give water to a newborn or any other drinks or foods before completing the sixth month of his life because this stage is the stage of breastfeeding or formula milk depending on For your condition, both of them are completely adequate for the child at this stage of his life and do not need external additives, nor do you need to fill your newborns stomach with water, which may reduce his appetite for breastfeeding.
The widespread opinion about Give water to a newborn in the summer and not exceeding the specified age is not a medical opinion, because breastfeeding milk for example consists of all the elements that the child needs, and the most important of which is water. Water represents almost 90% of the components of breast milk, and in the summer and air Hot or in case your child becomes sick with diarrhea or vomiting, he does not need water at that age to avoid dehydration, but the solution is to increase the number of feeding times and adhere to the medications and instructions that the doctor says.
And if necessary, your child will need a solution to treat dehydration, because it needs salts and minerals, not just water, and this matter occurs at the request of the doctor treating your child. Give water to a newborn under the age of six months is dangerous.

Benefits of Give water to a newborn

The only benefit and the only exception with which you can Give water to a newborn at an early age before completing six months is for the doctor to advise that you give your child about a little ¼ cup a day if your child has constipation to improve their condition.

How much does a newborn need daily water?

When beginning to introduce solid food to your child with the age of 4-6 months, you can give the newborn water but with a small amount of pure water with food in ¼ cup water or approximately four tablespoons of water with each meal.

Damage to Give water to a newborn

If you rush to get water for your newborn before completing four or six months, he is likely to face some problems, including:
Abnormally losing the newborns weight, since the newborn’s drinking of water at this age fills his stomach and reduces his appetite for breastfeeding, so he does not increase his weight properly.
Lack of breast milk, due to the small number of times her newborn is breastfed, his stomach is filled with water, and this affects his acceptance of breastfeeding, thus affecting milk production in the breasts.
Some research associates Give water to a newborn and an increased risk of bile.
Infection of the newborn with what is known as water poisoning, which is an uncommon condition, but it may happen when the newborn is given water quickly and quickly, as this causes problems in the kidneys that expel sodium and salts from the body, so the newborns blood becomes lighter and this can cause convulsions to the child or coma.
The summary of the matter is that Give water to a newborn is forbidden four months ago, and it is better to wait until it has completed six months and to enter solid food regularly in fixed meals.
And believe me, your newborn does not need it at this young age except breastfeeding milk, as it meets the needs of his entire body.

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