10 causes of bone pain you should be avoided

Pregnant women suffer from many symptoms and troublesome pain and the hormonal changes that accompany them, which is one of the natural things during pregnancy, and one of the most common pains in that period is bone pain in the pregnant woman, joints, and muscles, especially The last months of pregnancy what are the causes of bone pain.

10 causes of bone pain you should be avoided
Hormonal changes, increased body weight, and natural physical changes are among the most important causes of bone pain, but sometimes you may make some mistakes that may increase excruciating bone pain without your intention.
Learn with 4mumy the causes of bone pain and how to treat them in this article.

Causes of bone pain in pregnant women

There are some mistakes that you fall into and increase bone pain, know them to avoid falling into them:
-Neglecting the calcium rich foods needed for your health and the health of your fetus increases the suppleness of the bones, thus increasing bone and joint pain, so you must eat more foods rich in calcium and milk derivatives, to raise the proportion of calcium absorption, and to take care of the calcium doses determined by your doctor to reduce the causes Bone pain.
-Excessive eating unhealthy food, thinking that you eat for you and your fetus, but in fact, you expose yourself to a significant increase in weight and the natural increase that you gain from pregnancy, which increases your injury to bone pain, especially in the spine, knees, and ankles, and strains your pelvic muscles.
-Lying down on the left side only when sleeping, this position is one of the causes of bone pain and increases joint injury and soreness, so you must change the position of sleep between the left and right sides and not sleep on one side only.
-Extreme stress, standing or sitting for long periods, and not getting enough rest, all this leads to increased bone and back pain, knees, and ankles.
-Neglecting to drink large quantities of water, that is, at least 12 cups, lack of water in the body causes bone pain and it increases your arthritis and bone during pregnancy.
-High heel wear, one of the biggest causes of bone pain,  that it damages the condition of the spine, increases lower back pain, bone pain, and arthritis of the knees during pregnancy.
-Driving long distances causes an increase in tension in the back, neck, and shoulder muscles, which increases bone pain during pregnancy.
-Carrying bags or heavy objects during pregnancy, as this leads to increased bone pain, lower back pain, ankles, and knee joints.
-Neglecting vitamin “D” intake and deficiency in your body during pregnancy increases the feeling of bone pain throughout the entire body and chronic pain in the muscles and joints.

Foods that prevent bone pain and fragility after pregnancy

The problem of osteoporosis and bone pain is one of the most important problems that you may face after pregnancy and childbirth. Your fetus throughout pregnancy derives from you its needs of calcium and other elements. To avoid exposure to osteoporosis, know 7 foods that prevent osteoporosis after pregnancy, add it to your daily food.
Finally, know that maternity is not an easy thing, but be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions and follow a healthy diet, and avoid errors that are the causes of bone pain in pregnant women, until you pass this stage safely.


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