10 things you didn’t know about using a breast milk pump medela

Once the countdown to the end of your birth leave begins, the stage of worrying about feeding your little one begins, and you begin with questions:
“Where will I leave my baby? How will I be able to breastfeed during the work period?”
10 things you didn’t know about using a breast milk pump

Using a breast milk pump is the best solution that prevents you from resorting to formula milk to feed your baby with your natural milk during your absence, so “4mumy” offers you 10 things that no one will tell you about medela breast milk pump.

Things to know when using a breast milk pump

Before start using a breast milk pump, there are some essential things you need to keep in mind:
-When choosing a breast milk pump, be careful that it consists of two types, a manual type and an electric one, and since electric is relatively high in price compared to manual and easy to control, most mothers prefer manual.
-Start using a breast milk pump at the beginning of the sixth week after birth, so that your baby gets used to feeding on your breast during this period, and does not refuse to breastfeed by simply using the breastfeeding bottle of the milk pump.
-Use a breast milk pump to strengthen the relationship between your baby and your husband, as your husband can use the bottle to breastfeed the baby and strengthen the emotional bonds between them.
-Know that the manual breast pump is easy to carry and own, and it is ideal for travel situations, unlike the electric pump that cannot be carried in a handbag due to a large number of tools and the inability to operate without an electrical source.
-Choose a breast milk pump with soft arms, so as not to hurt your breasts or make you feel pain, and be sure to choose the right size for your breasts.
-To facilitate the process of pumping milk from the breast, sit in a comfortable and quiet place to relax and breathe well. Relaxation helps milk production well.
-Make sure to drink plenty of water and refreshing juices, in addition to eating healthy, light meals during the period of breast milk pumping.
-When starting to pump, make sure that your nipple is completely in the middle, and secure the nozzle of the pump on your breast tightly, so that no air enters the pump and reduces the quality of pumping the milk, and if you feel pain during the pumping process, consult your doctor.
-Use one breast during the pumping process, not the two breasts together.
-Using two breasts together increases the production of the milk hormone (prolactin), which causes some harm to the mother, and doubles the milk production in larger quantities than your baby needs.
-Massage your breasts well before pumping, to stimulate the milk ducts to generate milk, and do not forget to use moisturizing nipple cream after you are done.

How to use a breast milk pump

There are many different types of medela breast milk pumps, and whatever type of breast milk pump you will buy, there are some basic common steps that you must follow when using them, here is the correct way to use a breast milk pump.

The difference between a manual and an electric breast pump

If you are confused about the type of medela breast milk pump that suits you, “4mumy” offers you a comparison between manual and electronic breast milk pump and how to use manual breast milk pump , to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each to choose the most suitable for you.
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Using a breast milk pump may help you solve some breastfeeding problems, and if you encounter any problem during breastfeeding that you are unable to solve, consult your pediatrician or breastfeeding specialist for help.


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