4 Complications of natural childbirth for the mother

There are some complications that may occur to the mother or the fetus, or both, during and after childbirth, whether the birth is natural or cesarean delivery, what are these complications of natural childbirth and caesarean section, what are their causes, and how do they occur?
Are there complications for normal childbirth, especially when Caesarean section becomes the solution?
All of these questions we answer in this article.
4 Complications of natural childbirth for the mother
Yes, the complications of natural childbirth are many, and caesarean section may be a solution to some of them, but natural childbirth remains the best for the health of the mother, and even the child in general.

Risks of natural childbirth 

One of the risks of natural childbirth is that the doctor decides to expedite the birth by artificial divorce for the mother or birth with the help of ventilation.
The doctor may decide to resort to artificial divorce if the pregnancy lasts more than 41 weeks without any indication of childbirth or if the water bag bursts before the onset of the pain of normal labor and divorce, then he is forced to speed up labor for fear of infection of the mother or fetus, and he may decide before week 41 if the woman is A pregnant woman has diabetes or suffers from a chronic or acute illness, such as preeclampsia or a kidney disease that threatens her safety and the health of the fetus.
Complications of natural childbirth, including childbirth with the help of ventilation (a machine similar to the large forceps), in which the doctor uses forceps and surgery to help the child come out due to an intrauterine problem or that you are unable to push, and the problem is that pressure may occur on the head of the fetus that may harm him, so it has become Caesarean decision is better.

Complications of natural childbirth for the mother

Complications of natural childbirth are concentrated in the following:
Affected heart or blood circulation due to the long period of labor, especially if the birth was the first.
The woman is exposed to some kind of infection either in the womb or in the vagina.
The uterus or vaginal canal was injured or torn during childbirth.
The mother’s exposure to bleeding due to the placenta or umbilical cord prolapsing through the cervix and the vaginal canal before the baby

Complication of a natural childbirth

The umbilical cord wraps around your Baby’s neck.
And all of these complications have radical solutions if your doctor is skilled, or he may resort to a caesarean section, which is a successful solution..

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