5 ways to treat constipation in babies naturally

Constipation in babies is a common disease, particularly in the first year, as the digestion process is still not stable for them, and babies certainly do not know how to tell their mothers that they suffer from constipation at this age only by crying and releasing gases and the constant movement of the feet.

5 ways to treat constipation in babies naturally

An expression of discomfort and pain, Although constipation in babies at this stage and the recurrence of its occurrence is common and expected, its complications may be dangerous when neglected.
In this article, you know treat constipation in babies under one year of age naturally at home.

Treat constipation in babies 1 year of age

babies of the year have already started the stage of eating solid food, and then the process of digestion and defecation causes some disturbances until your child begins to get used to eating all kinds of foods besides breastfeeding or artificial, and it is common to catch constipation in babies or diarrhea as a result of disruption of the digestion process, But don’t worry, here are simple tips for treating constipation in babies 1 year:

Drinking water and natural fluids to treat constipation in babies:

When constipation occurs in babies at the age of one year, it is often because they do not get enough fluids in their diet, and they depend on feeding as an alternative to fluids, but feeding only is not enough in the stage of eating solid food, Your child should have enough water and natural fluids such as herbs and unsweetened juices rich in fiber to improve digestion and then defecate.

Plum juice to treat constipation in babies:

One of the best juices to treat constipation in babies quickly, offer your child plum juice, prunes or pears, because they are fiber-rich juices that work as a natural and quick-acting laxative.

Sitting in the water to treat constipation in babies:

If your child has difficulty defecating, try placing it in a bathtub full of warm water, and it is best if it is in a squatting position, this helps him to soften the bowel movement and then defecate.

Abdominal massage to treat constipation in babies:

Use the tip of the finger to make circular movements on the belly of your child clockwise, or hold the child’s knees and feet together and then gently push the feet toward the abdomen, the massage helps to soften and stimulate the bowel movement.

Laxative foods to treat constipation in babies:

Serve to your child foods that soften food inside the stomach and intestines, such as peach, spinach, molokhia, and broccoli, and refrain from serving foods that increase constipation, such as potatoes, carrots, and bananas, for example.
In general, if the severity of constipation exceeds 3 days, you should consult a doctor to prescribe a medicine for treating constipation that is appropriate for the condition, age and weight of your child, because the complications of constipation is dangerous.

Complications of constipation in babies

Usually, constipation in babies 1 year old can be treated with the natural methods and laxatives that we mentioned earlier, but in some cases, the child suffers from chronic constipation that requires medical intervention by taking medicinal drugs in specific doses, so that he does not suffer from complications of constipation, namely:
-Flatulence and foul-smelling gases.
-Sometimes wounds in the anus of infants.
-Anal obstruction in infants.
-Anal bleeding.
-Debility, delirium, and overheating of the infant’s body.
Weight loss due to loss of appetite.
Finally, treat constipation in babies one-year-old should not be using medical laxatives on your own and without medical supervision, so as not to harm the health of your child, but rather you should consult a doctor to find out the reason for the occurrence of constipation and then you can take the treatment that is usually carried out naturally as before Mentioned it.

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