6 Back muscle spasm causes and their treatment

6 Back muscle spasm causes and their treatment

Back muscle spasm is a common complaint among women, and hardly a month passes and every woman feels it, as a result of her physiological nature, what she is exposed to in terms of pregnancy and childbirth, or even the symptoms she feels before and during the menstrual cycle, or on the other hand the multiplicity of responsibilities that are exerted during it Great physical exertion permanently strains her body.

6 Back muscle spasm causes and their treatment

Back muscle spasm is one of the types of back pain that causes great discomfort, which are spasms that occur in the back muscles, leaving severe pain in the back, as a result of nerve inflammation and irritation, which leads to difficulty in movement, a feeling of numbness and tingling in the back, in addition to of course the feeling of pain Severe.

In this article, we review back muscle spasm causes and the Back muscle spasm relief method.

Back muscle spasm causes

Many causes result in the feeling of spasms in the middle back spasm or the back muscles as a whole, we mention the most important ones in the following lines:

Physical exertion:

Doing a Strenuous Exercise, or Daily Physical Exhaustion at Work, Home, and Various Tasks, from Back muscle spasm, causes, especially with dehydration of the body, a lack of water in it, as well as a deficiency of some minerals, such as potassium or calcium.

Injuries and accidents:

Various injuries such as torn ligaments, sprains, and back injury, and the sudden wrong movements of the back, all affect the muscles, causing the feeling of spasms in them.

Wrong sleeping and sitting positions:

Sleeping in the wrong way, on an uncomfortable bed, in addition to sitting for a long time in front of a laptop or television, all of this of course affects the health of the back and leads to back muscle spasms.

The weakness of the back muscles:

They are thus more prone to injuries, ligament tears, and tendon infections, which necessarily leads to back spasms, and a feeling of severe pain in the back.

The weakness of the abdominal muscles:

They are auxiliary muscles for the back muscles, working to stabilize and support the spine, and their weakness, in turn, affects the work and efficiency of the back, as the whole load becomes on the back muscles in this case, which causes the feeling of spasms of the back muscles.

Spine problems:

As back spasms can be a response to pain resulting from inflammation of the vertebrae of the spine or the presence of congenital defects in it, or as a result of a herniated disc, or narrowing of the spinal canal, then back muscle spasms are a reaction to the muscles of the body to relieve pain.

Emergency medical conditions:

Sometimes, back muscle spasm may be a symptom of a sudden health problem that requires going to the emergency, such as: gallstones or kidney problems.

Nerve disorders: 

Inflammation of the nerves related to the back muscles is also a cause of these spasms of the back muscles, and the irritation of these nerves increases back pain.
If the pain is mild, and just as a result of strenuous physical exertion, you can deal with it and Back muscle spasm relief by home methods, but if the pain is severe and persistent, you must consult your doctor immediately, to avoid complications, and the treatment period may be prolonged, below we offer you some advice For mild back pain.

Back muscle spasticity treatment

With the following tips, you can: Back muscle spasm relief:

Cold and hot compresses: 

Cold compresses reduce blood flow to blood vessels, reduce pain, and prevent swelling, you can use them when you feel upper back spasms or on the back in general, then use hot compresses that will relax your back muscles, stimulate blood circulation in your body, which will save you from the feeling With pain and cramping in your back.

Playing easy and simple sports:

Avoid strenuous exercises in this case, and try walking, running, or swimming, to enhance the flexibility of your back muscles and speed up your recovery.

Take painkillers:

Painkillers may be an easy and effective way to get rid of the pain if it is severe. You can use some non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs to relieve joint pain, however, it is best to consult your doctor before taking them.
Also, in severe cases, your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxant injections and some topical ointments to reduce inflammation.

Avoid wearing high heels:

Sports shoes are known to be more comfortable for the feet and back than high-heeled shoes, so be sure not to wear them at a time when you are in pain.
Back massage: doing a correct back massage will relieve a lot of pain, especially with the use of analgesic and anti-inflammatory topical creams.

Change wrong habits:

Such as sitting for a long time in front of screens, sleeping in the wrong ways, which increases the fatigue of the back muscles, keep your back straight all the time, sitting in a chair that provides support for your lower back, as well as sleeping on a comfortable bed, and not staying in a certain position For long hours.
As for back muscle spasm symptoms
We mention it to you in detail.

Back muscle spasm symptoms

Symptoms vary according to the patient’s condition, and the reasons that led to the seizure, and symptoms include:

Musculoskeletal symptoms:

Back pain.
lower back pain.
Upper back pain.
The pain of the buttocks, thighs, or legs.
The curvature of the spine.
Spinal stiffness.
Difficulty lifting the front of the foot.
Muscle weakness.
Neck pain and stiffness.
Pain in the shoulders or arms.

Neurological symptoms:

Headache, especially in the back of the head.
Pain and tingling in the arms, buttocks, shoulders, or legs.
Symptoms that may indicate the severity of the condition:
Numbness on one side of the body.
Body imbalance.
Loss of bladder control and bowel movement.
Loss of feeling in a limb.
Muscle weakness in the arms or legs.
Back muscle spasm is a common symptom that we are exposed to frequently and repeatedly, due to various reasons, and often it lasts for a short time, and it goes away with following treatment steps, but if the pain is intolerable or the pain continues to several weeks without improvement, then you must consult a doctor as soon as possible to take treatment measures Necessary.

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