6 Blepharitis causes and causes of dermatitis around the eye

6 Blepharitis causes and causes of dermatitis around the eye
When there is a health problem in your eyes, the matter is frightening and annoying, as the eyes are very sensitive and any defect in them may greatly affect your ability to perform your daily tasks and responsibilities. 
Blepharitis causes
6 Blepharitis causes and causes of dermatitis around the eye

An injury, no matter how small, may be worrying you, one of the most common eye problems, blepharitis the eyelid is the thin skin that folds around the eye, blepharitis and its redness for any reason is annoying and painful, in this article you will learn about the blepharitis causes and blepharitis symptoms.


What’s the Blepharitis

Blepharitis is one of the annoying things that you may face. 
We will talk about the blepharitis causes later in this article, but now we will talk about its symptoms. 
Here are some of these symptoms of blepharitis:
-Redness and swelling of the eyelid.
Itchy eyelid.
-Peel off the skin around the eyes.
-Seborrheic blepharitis.
-Watery eyes.
-Burning and stinging sensation in the eye.
-Redness of the eye
-The presence of crust on the eyelashes.
-Sticking of the eyelids.
-Sensitivity to light.
-The feeling that there is something in eye.
After talking about the symptoms of blepharitis, here are the causes in the next lines. 

Blepharitis causes

There are two types of blepharitis, blepharitis from the outside near the eyelashes, and posterior blepharitis:
-Dandruff on your scalp and eyebrows caused this blockage.
-Dysfunction of the sebaceous glands in the eyelid area.
Allergy to eye drops, contact lenses, or eye makeup.


It is a skin disease characterized by severe redness of the face.
-Eyelash lice infestation.
-Dry Eye.
Untreated, blepharitis may lead to larger problems such as eyelashes loss, frequent tears, dry eyes, change in the shape of the eyelid, chronic redness of the eye, and corneal injury, so be quick to consult a specialist doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

Causes of dermatitis around the eyes

 The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, and it is very easy to inflammation and redness, especially if you suffer from one of the skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis and skin allergies, here are some of the causes of dermatitis around the eyes:
-Some types of makeup.
-False eyelashes.
-Some types of sunscreen.
-Contact lenses.
-Swimming goggles.
-Some types of drops.
-Dandruff of hair and eyebrows.
-Dust and pollen, if you are allergic to them.

Treating dermatitis around the eyes

Treatment of inflammation of the eye area is necessary for health and cosmetic reasons.
Here are some available treatment methods for this problem:

Moisturizing creams:

Moisturizing the skin around the eyes may often be enough to overcome the inflammation, especially if the inflammation is minor.


Applying creams containing cortisone directly to the site of inflammation calms it a lot and gives excellent results, in the event that you are sick with psoriasis or severe eczema, you may need cortisone in the form of tablets, but avoid using it either as tablets or cream for long periods and stick to the doctor’s advice.
In this article, you learned about the blepharitis causes and blepharitis symptoms. 
We advise you to protect your eyes from diseases by washing your face frequently, removing any makeup from your face before going to sleep, and not touching your eye if your hand is not clean. 
We also advise not to rub your eye if it is inflamed, so as not to spread infection to your other eye, and we recommend treating dandruff if you have it.

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