Best 6 breastfeeding positions suitable for your baby

Breastfeeding positions for toddlers It is a challenge for some new moms, and many of them feel that it is difficult and stressful, especially in the immediate postpartum period, but do not be upset.


6 breastfeeding positions suitable for your baby
Dear, as breastfeeding positions for newborns is an acquired skill, It will take some time to get used to it.
Adhering to the correct breastfeeding position will help you to succeed in your new task without effort, so it is important to get to know it, and you can start experimenting with different beastfeeding positions until you reach a breastfeeding position that relaxes you physically and relaxes your newborn baby, and makes him able to breastfeed easily.

Proper breastfeeding positions

Know, dear, that there are several breastfeeding positions for newborns and all of them are correct, you can choose whatever you want to perform your task successfully and correctly, and your comfort and your child’s response during breastfeeding remain the important factor in choosing a breastfeeding position.
Ensure that the head of the infant is at a level higher than the level of his stomach, as this is one of the best breastfeeding positions to reduce gas, and therefore it is recommended that the infant be held in a position that helps with that.

Cradle position:

breastfeeding position common among many mothers, you sit on a comfortable seat, while you are carrying your baby on your right arm if you are breastfeeding on the right breast, and your left arm if you are breastfeeding on the left breast, and for more comfort in your arm, place a pillow under the elbow of the hand carrying your baby To help you raise the baby’s head to reach the breast, then hold your breast around the dark area around the nipple, and point it towards the baby’s mouth so that the nipple is towards the nose.

Inverted cradle position:

An ideal breastfeeding position for new mothers,
Sit on a comfortable seat, and hold your baby on your left arm if you are going to breastfeed him on the right breast or vice versa, then stabilize his head well with the palm of your hand that is carrying him, and with the other hand fix your breast and face towards your baby’s mouth so that he can breastfeed to reach you.

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Put the ball:

It is one of the easy breastfeeding positions for large breasts and is also recommended in cases of cesarean delivery.
Hold your baby with one of your arms at your side, the right arm with the right and left breast with the left breast with your elbow bent, then support your baby’s head with your hand and face it to your breast, and it is possible to put a pillow to help raise it towards you.

Lay aside lying down:

It is the breastfeeding position on the side, this position is ideal for many tired mothers when your baby wants to feed at night and you cannot get up, you can resort to breastfeeding position on the side, it is very suitable.
Lie on one of your sides, point your baby’s mouth to your breast with one hand, and support his back with your other hand, and as soon as your baby starts feeding, leave your breast in his mouth and relax this hand, do not forget to put your baby back to his bed after you are done, so that the baby does not get used to sleeping next to you all night long.

Put the ball position for the twins:

For twins, if you want to breastfeed them together, a ball breastfeeding position is the most suitable position for you.
Carry each baby on both arms and faces of the mouth toward your breasts, and use two pillows to help you lift your babies, and it is best to sit on a comfortable seat.
This is one of the breastfeeding positions for young children and is only practical in the first months, as the size of the twins is small most of the time.

Semi reclining position:

It is a breastfeeding position on the side, which is also suitable for breastfeeding mothers after cesarean delivery, in which you are leaning on the bed, and behind your back, a comfortable pillow, and someone can help you carry your baby so that his face is opposite you, his nose is at the same level as the nipple, and his feet are far from the Birth wound, and once you are comfortable with your baby, it will be easy for him to hold the nipple in his mouth, and this position also helps you if your baby finds it difficult to hold the nipple well in its first days.

Tips for successful breastfeeding positions

-Prepare to collect all the items you need near you before starting the breastfeeding process, such as a glass of water, a TV remote, and an air conditioning remote, as you will be busy for some time.
-Make sure your baby is comfortable in whatever breastfeeding position you choose.
Make sure you are comfortable too and use pillows or towels to support your arm.
Make sure your baby is properly holding the nipple.
-Do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician or a breastfeeding consultant, if you experience problems with your baby’s response or sore nipples, then something is wrong.
My dear, the correct breastfeeding positions for toddlers children is not a luxury, rather it is something that you should study before the birth of your child, and do not hesitate to seek the help of a specialist or get advice from mothers and friends also in choosing an appropriate breastfeeding position.


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