Causes of cracked nipples and how to treat them?

Cracked nipples are a common issue among breastfeeding women, and knowing the causes of cracked nipples will help you choose the appropriate treatment to relieve their pain.
You may ask some questions about the causes of cracked nipples
Are cracked nipples normal?
Why do I have a cracked nipple?
Causes of cracked nipples and how to treat them?

Causes of cracked nipples

Cracked nipples can be caused by the incorrect posture of the child during feeding, improper tightening of the child on the breast, soap residue on the breasts if not washed well, as well as thrush
Nipples have what are called “Montgomery’s” tubercles.
These glands produce antibacterial oils that keep the nipple clean. Soap can dry these oils, causing dry and cracked nipples.
It is best to avoid using soap and only use warm water to cleanse the nipples.
Thrush can be a common occurrence among breastfeeding mothers and their children, and it is one of the causes of cracked nipples, symptoms of thrush include pain in the nipples, and sometimes cracking, as well as redness and itching in the breast.
In the child’s mouth, and such spots can also be found in the child’s buttocks or groin area, thrush is usually a result of the mother taking antibiotics during the breastfeeding period, or taking oral contraceptives, but there may be other reasons as well if If you suspect that you have thrush, you can continue breastfeeding, but make an appointment with the doctor to get a proper diagnosis.
If you are diagnosed with thrush, the doctor will prescribe medicine for the mother and the child that will cure you of thrush and cracked nipples.
Sometimes pregnant women prepare their nipples for breastfeeding during pregnancy, through several methods such as rubbing the nipples lightly with a towel, or pulling the nipples, this causes more harm than good for nipples, and this is usually one of the causes of cracked nipples.
If you are pregnant, stop these malpractices.
If your nipples become cracked due to these practices, you can treat them with your milk.
Gently apply a small amount of it to your breasts, and rub it gently on the nipples several times a day to soothe the affected areas.
There are many positions that you can use to breastfeed your baby, but some positions may suit you well, and others may not suit you or your child, you can learn more about this topic through The New mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding
Whatever position you are trying to use for your baby, make sure you are doing it correctly. When the baby is not positioned correctly, he will try to suck in a harder way, so that the milk is pushed out better for him.
The friction from harsh feeding on the nipple can cause cracked nipples.

home remedies for cracked nipples

You can work from the beginning to avoid breast cracking, even before childbirth and start breastfeeding, but if it occurs and cracks and is late in taking care of it, you should treat it as follows:
-You can use coconut oil for cracked nipples, as coconut oil eliminates the dryness of the nipples, gently apply coconut oil to the nipples to restore moisture without harming your baby.
-Always clean and dry them after each feeding, using a sterile medical cloth.
-Do not wash it with soap, or it will dry out.
-Use moisturizing breast creams according to your budget, and you can use olive oil.
-Drink lots of fluids.
-Continue breastfeeding as much as possible.
-Take a mild analgesic such as paracetamol, and you can grind it and dissolve it in water and rub the nipple with it to soothe it, making sure to clean and wash it well before feeding.
-Use warm, then cold compresses to moisturize them.

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