Hair breakage causes and some simple remedies

Hair breakage causes and some simple remedies
Many suffer from severe hair breakage problem, as weak limbs begin to split into two or more parts due to severe dehydration or damage, which threatens severe hair loss and an unpleasant appearance, and you wonder:
How to stop hair breakage fast?
how to fix hair breakage?
how to treat hair breakage?
Hair breakage causes and treatment

Certainly, split ends do not happen within one day, but rather appear as a result of the accumulation of some factors for several months. 

Most women resort to overcoming this problem by cutting the split ends, but it may appear again if the real reasons behind this are not known and treated.
In this article, we learn together about hair breakage causes and treatment and the most important tips for preserving it.

Hair breakage causes

Here are the main hair breakage causes:

Using Rubber Hair Ties: 

Have you noticed the number of hairs that can be taken out of the rubber band? If you use hair ties or the wrong accessories, it is sure to affect and damage your hair strands directly.
Rubber bands, in particular, cause friction in the hair, which leads to split ends. 
Therefore, you must use a hair tie covered with a cloth.  

Styling hair with heat: 

The frequent use of a hairdryer and a heated iron is one of the most important reasons behind the dryness, damage, and breakage of the hair strands, and it also leads to the significant split ends.
To protect the hair strands from the effects of high heat, be sure to limit the use of excessive styling tools, and a heat protectant serum should be used.  

Chemical treatments and hair dyes: 

One of the biggest hair breakage causes is because hair styling products and dyes contain a huge percentage of chemical elements that harm the health of the hair and severely damage it, as they expose it to severe dryness and remove the nutrients from it, and in the end, the ends of the hair are split and it becomes weak.

Excessive hair washing: 

Despite the importance of hair care and washing to get rid of accumulated dirt and sebum secretions, repeated shampooing loses moisture, which leads to severe dryness and damage to the ends. 
In general, it is not recommended to use the shampoo on the hair more than twice a week.

Excessive combing: 

Combining the hair is necessary to take care of it, but excessive combing is one of the hair breakage causes and leads to breakage of hair strands.
Be sure to brush gently using a suitable brush or a wide-toothed comb, and it is preferable to use a hair conditioner to facilitate combing and detangling without trouble.

Drying the hair with a towel: 

This simple habit may be one of the hair breakage causes, as cotton towels work to absorb moisture from the hair, which leads to the ends of the hair to break off as a result of excessive friction.
Use a thin-fiber towel on your hair to dry instead of cotton towels.

Do oils cause hair breakage?

Despite the benefits of many oils to moisturize and shine the hair, they may cause damage when used incorrectly. 
Putting a large amount of oil on the scalp will lead to clogging of the pores, then the follicles weaken and ends with the hair strands being broken and thinned, as the ends begin to split marked.
Therefore, you should properly use the oils suitable for your hair twice during the week at most, with washing hair after only two hours.
Together, we learned about the most important hair breakage causes that you should completely avoid maintaining strong, healthy hair, and the wrong use of excessive hair oils may be one of the main reasons behind hair damage and split ends as well.

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