Home laser hair removal methods, how to use

Home laser hair removal methods, how to use

Although there are many ways to remove hair, most of them have many disadvantages, because the blades cause redness and irritation to the skin, and it helps the growth of hair under the skin, in addition to the fact that its results do not last long, and the hair quickly grows back after several days. 

Home laser hair removal UK methods

As well as waxes and hair removal machines, although their results last longer, they cause pain, and redness and inflammation of the skin.

Therefore, most women have recently resorted to home laser hair removal, and what encouraged them to do so was the availability of many home laser hair removal machines in the market, which saved them from going to beauty centers, and paying large sums for laser hair removal.
You may be wondering now:
Does home laser hair removal work?
how to use home laser hair removal?
Does he have the same efficiency as the laser centers?
In this article, we will give you home laser hair removal reviews.

How do I use a home laser?

The use of a home laser hair removal machine, despite its different types and the power of the laser beams, and therefore in its ability to remove hair, but most of them have the same method of use, and to get the best results in home laser hair removal, follow the following steps:
-Clean your skin well, and shave your hair with blades only – without any other means – using a gentle shaving gel before using the device, and completely avoid waxing or any other method that removes hair from the roots for at least a month before starting home laser hair removal, because it targets the hair roots.
-Operate the laser device according to the instruction manual.
Home lasers usually come with five energy levels, and it is preferable to start at a low power level the first time, then increase the level gradually.
-Start by moving the laser device closer to the area from which you want to remove hair, after several pulses “according to the number specified in the instruction book”  put the laser device on a new area, and you can use a moisturizing medicinal cream to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin after home laser hair removal.
-Repeat the previous steps every two weeks, to make sure all hair is removed.

Does home laser hair removal work?

Home laser hair removal is an effective alternative to beauty centers, and the two work by emitting a beam of light absorbed by a specific area in the skin, by the melanin pigment in the hair follicles, as the laser turns into thermal energy that warms the follicles and destroys them, which stops hair growth, and it works Home laser hair removal devices are similar to professional devices, but with several minor differences.

The difference between home laser hair removal and beauty centers?

Home lasers use lasers with lower energy levels, which means they are less effective at removing hair.
Home lasers take longer to remove hair.
Home lasers are less expensive, compared to professional centers.
Home laser hair removal is not preferred in removing hair in the sensitive area, so it can be said that the professional laser in beauty centers is the best, fastest and most efficient, but the home laser device remains a good option, and a safe alternative for those who do not prefer to go frequently to beauty centers, especially since the laser technology is generally, it does not remove hair permanently, and you need several sessions to reduce hair growth significantly, and home laser devices can also be used between professional sessions in beauty centers, to prevent hair growth quickly.

Can I have home laser hair removal for dark skin?

About home laser hair removal for dark skin, the main problem is that most home laser hair removal devices used are mainly made for white skin and black non-blond hair, because the laser beam targets the black color and if the skin is dark, the laser device may not distinguish the skin from the hair, it has side effects such as spotting or burns.

When do we notice the difference when home laser hair removal?

A home laser device takes longer than professional laser sessions in beauty centers, because it uses lower levels of energy, in addition to the pain associated with it, it may make you stop for a while and then reuse it again, unlike laser sessions in which the specialist is more able to control the matter, as just as hair removal in beauty centers needs several sessions to see a clear result, the home laser also requires repeated sessions every two weeks for three months, to get the best result.

Pregnant home laser

The laser is generally a safe procedure, as the laser beams only penetrate the surface of the skin, and do not reach the internal organs, and thus do not cause any harm to the fetus, and although home lasers use lower levels of energy, there are not enough studies to determine the safety of professional lasers or Home during pregnancy.
This is in addition to the sensitivity of the pregnant skin, which will not bear the pain associated with the laser, which may increase the contractions of the uterine muscles, so it should not be used in general for the pregnant woman.
The hormonal disorders associated with pregnancy do increase your hair growth rate, but it quickly returns to normal after childbirth, and during this period you can use safe hair removal methods on pregnant women.
Finally, if you are wondering how to do home laser hair removal?
First, you should follow the instruction manual accompanying the home laser device, because the method of operating each device differs from the other, following the steps that we have mentioned for you in this article, to get the best results.

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