Laser fat removal: Information you should to know it

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal area is a problem that many women complain of, and because these fatty masses cannot be easily eliminated, it causes them a feeling of distress and lack of self confidence, because it affects their general appearance, and prevents them from wearing certain types of clothing.
Laser fat removal: Information you should to know it
But with the development of medical techniques and surgeries, new and successful methods have emerged to improve the shape of various parts of the body, including laser fat removal , a cosmetic procedure that uses lasers to dissolve fat under the skin, also called “lipolysis“, because it removes fat that cannot be eliminated.
From them through diet and exercise.
In this article, you will find everything you need to know about laser fat removal .

laser fat removal

Is a simple stretching procedure that uses the laser to dissolve fat, making it easier for the plastic surgeon to suction it.
This causes less shock to the surrounding tissues than conventional liposuction, which reduces the side effects of this type of operation, such as bruising and swelling.
The heat from laser fat removal  also stimulates collagen production, which tightens the skin and gives it freshness.
As for the way to withdraw fat deposits, the doctor uses a thin tube called “cannula“, as it absorbs the fat dissolved under the skin.

Advantages of laser fat removal

In 2006 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved laser fat removal  as a safe procedure, and has been widely used by plastic surgeons and certified physicians for years for these reasons:
-Does not require major surgical intervention, and requires only local anesthesia.
– It makes you look slimmer and fit by removing fat that covers your muscles.
Laser fat burning stimulates collagen production and increases skin freshness.
-Abdominoplasty can be performed in less than two hours.
– It causes less trauma to surrounding tissues and therefore does not leave bruises or swelling, the recovery period is shorter than conventional liposuction.
But be careful, women who are laser burned must be healthy, close to their ideal weight.

The cost of laser fat removal  process

The cost of the laser fat removal  process varies depending on some factors, such as the amount of fat to be removed, the surgeon’s experience level, the patient’s health condition, and other factors, but in general, the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery estimates that laser liposuction can cost an average of  2,500$ to 4,500$ Depending on the area of ​​the body receiving treatment, the larger treatment areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and butt, are more expensive compared to other areas of the body.
In general, the cost of the laser fat removal  process may vary depending on the techniques used, the type of anesthesia, and the center in which the operation is performed, as the surgeon can perform the same operation at a center at a low price, and at another center at a higher price, but in general a physician with experience must be chosen, for him A previous history of performing this type of operation.

The risks of laser fat removal  process

Although laser fat removal  has slight side effects, the laser fat removal  process carries many risks, like any surgery or other laser operation, a woman may develop the following:
-Subcutaneous scars.
-Blood clots.
-Skin necrosis (tissue death).
-Deep itching in the treatment area, internally or on the surface of the skin.
Common risks and side effects of laser fat removal  include feeling pain or numbness and discomfort, with sagging skin, and a feeling of burning sensation below.
If these symptoms persist for more than several days, this may be a sign of fluid build-up under the skin, and you can refer to a doctor for treatment.
Other women, after a tummy tuck, may notice sunken or lumpy tissue in the abdomen, as a temporary or permanent result of swelling, if you still have enlarged skin after six weeks of treatment, consult a doctor.
You should also not undergo laser fat removal  if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or menstruating, or if you have:
-A pacemaker or subcutaneous defibrillator.
-Abnormal tissue growth.
-Blood clots.
-Heart diseases.
-Diabetes which is dependent on the insulin.
-Liver diseases.
-Multiple sclerosis.
-Vascular condition.
Also, don’t undergo laser fat removal  if you have recently had surgery, taken anticoagulants (clots), or medicines that make you sensitive to light.
Also note that laser fat removal  is not a treatment or surgery for weight loss, so if you have extra weight this procedure may not be for you, as laser fat removal  aims to remove small areas of excess body fat.
In the end, my dear, laser fat removal  is a safe option, but in the case of fats that are difficult to get rid of through sports or diet, you must try these methods first, before resorting to surgeries and surgical techniques, because of the risks involved.
On the other hand, if you have undergone a fat burning with laser, it is important that you continue to follow a healthy diet, and exercise regularly, to keep you fit and fit your body.


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