Medela: important differences between using a breast milk pump (electric and manual)

Medela breast milk pump was one of the most important products that I added to my shopping list during my pregnancy because I knew the need to use a breast milk pump to increase the production of breast milk and to ensure that my baby was fed natural milk at any time easily without the need for formula milk, and after much research, I decided to buy an electric breast pump, to Save Time and effort that may be wasted on hand pumping.

Important differences between using a breast milk pump (electric and manual)
After giving birth to a week, my friend gave me a manual breast milk pump, and she didn’t know that I had bought an electric breast milk pump, at first I started using the electric pump after I thought it was the easiest, and I put the hand pump aside until I resorted to using it during my travels because of its lightweight and ease of use without the need for an electric current, then I discovered different advantages for both the manual and the electric types, so I decided to write a quick comparison between them for each mother New so that you can choose the most suitable one without any further trouble in searching.

Comparison of electric and manual breast milk pump

Specifications Manual breast pump Electric breast pump
Ease of use Easy Easy
Pumping speed variable fixed
Pumping power variable variable
Sound No sound Loud voice
Pump control Pumping speed and power can be controlled Only pumping power can be controlled
Cleaning Easy to clean Easy to clean
Disassembly and installation Easy to disassemble and install Easy to disassemble and install

Features of manual breast milk pump and electric breast milk pump medela

Using a breast milk pump (manual) :

It has a lightweight and is easy to disassemble, assemble, and clean.
The pumping speed and strength of milk can be controlled manually.
It does not make it too loud, so you can use it at night without disturbing your little one.
You do not need an electrical source to operate it, so you can easily use it anytime and anywhere.

Using a breast milk pump (electric) :

It consists of simple and easy to use parts.
It can be charged to run on batteries when there is no electrical current nearby.
It’s easy to use and so convenient, it expresses milk automatically once it’s applied to your breast and turned on.

Things I didn’t like when using a breast milk pump

Medela manual breast milk pump:

-Causes pain in the hand due to hand pumping.
-Very expensive compared to other hand pumps.

Medela electric breast milk pump:

-Beeps a little loudly when turned on.
-Expensive compared to hand pumps of even the same brand.

Important advice on using a breast milk pump

It is worth noting that there are different sizes of the pumping bowl that is attached to the breast to pump milk, so make sure to choose the appropriate size for the breast and nipples, to ensure the easy withdrawal of milk and to avoid the feeling of pain and cracking of the nipples while pumping milk.
After using the manual and electric medela breast milk pump, I started using the manual pump most of the time, to control the force and speed of pumping the milk, it takes less time to pump the same amount of milk compared to the electric breast milk pump, whose speed cannot be controlled, while I use the electric breast pump When I’m not in a hurry, I sit down while watching TV and let it draw in just the right amount of milk without the extra effort of manual twice.

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