3 Causes of skin sensitivity in newborns

Skin allergy most often occurs in newborns and is sometimes due to skin allergys that spread to many parts of the body, such as the face, neck, hands, legs, nappy area, or skin folds, which are the most common allergys in children, followed by food allergy and then chest allergy.
3 Causes of skin sensitivity in newborns
How to take care of newborn baby skin?
In this article, learn about the causes of skin sensitivity in newborns and some newborn skin care guidelines.

Causes of skin sensitivity in newborns

Some several causes and diseases cause skin sensitivity in newborns, and some other symptoms may coincide with them, such as a cold, sneezing, or runny nose, and these diseases include:

Baby eczema:

An infection of the skin characterized by the appearance of the baby skin rash, an itchy red on the child’s chest, face, elbow, behind the knee, cheek or chin, or on the forehead and scalp, due to skin dryness or sensitivity to various irritants such as:
-Pet dander and hair scales.
-Effects of washing powder on baby clothes and bedding.
-Dust mite
-Household cleaners.
-Drooling may cause baby eczema around the mouth and chin.
-cigarette smoke.
-Touch the baby’s skin to nylon or wool fabrics.

Allergic contact dermatitis:

That looks like packed pimples or crusted blisters and appears immediately after touching the child’s skin to an irritant such as:
Effects of clothing powder.
Rubber in plastic toys, nipples, and pacifiers.


Appears as raised, bruising, pink, red, or skin colored as an allergic reaction to exposure to an irritant, but it is not dry or crusted, and it may appear breathing difficulties or swelling of the face and mouth, which requires urgent medical intervention.
In general, there are well-known irritants that cause skin sensitivity in newborns, such as:
-Dust mite.
-Dyes, such as clothing or other dyes.
-Rubber or latex.
-Mold is like a wall mold.
-Pet dander and scales.
-Pollen dust or pollen in the air.
After we mentioned some of the common causes of allergys in newborns, we will know their treatment next.

Treatment of skin sensitivity in newborns

The first step in baby skin rash treatment identify the cause of it, remove it, and keep it away from the child, with the doctor prescribing some procedures and treatments for skin allergys, such as:

Baby eczema treatment:

-Keep the affected area dry and clean.
-Use baby sensitive skin lotion it’s unscented and takes a shower with lukewarm water for a time not exceeding five to ten minutes.
-Avoid fabric softener and use gentle baby clothes powder.
-Applying lotions prescribed by the doctor to the child’s skin to avoid drying out the area.
-Paint the affected area with hydrocortisone ointments after the doctor prescribes it if the sensitivity does not go away.
Immunosuppressants and phototherapy in severe cases.

Treatment for Allergic Contact Dermatitis:

Avoid the allergen and wash the part that came into contact with the irritant with lukewarm water, with the use of cold compresses to reduce pain and swelling in the affected area, apply cortisone creams and give the child antihistamines after the doctor prescribes them.

Treatment for Urticaria:

Urticaria usually heals on its own by avoiding the allergen, and the doctor may prescribe an antihistamine to treat or prevent it in the future, but you must seek urgent medical care if you encounter respiratory problems or swelling of the mouth or face.
To find out the cause of the allergy, the child’s history of exposure to irritants must be reviewed with the doctor to avoid it in the future, and the child may also undergo an allergy test by introducing very small parts of the suspicious substance into the skin and noting the emergence of any reaction against him.
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If the reaction appeared, this means that the child is allergic to it, and it may also need to be done. A blood test, but it may be inaccurate in very young children, and the baby skin rash may not be due to allergys, there are several other reasons, some of them serious, so you should go to the doctor as soon as the baby skin rash appears, for reassurance and diagnosis.
In conclusion, after we mentioned some of the causes of skin sensitivity in newborns and adequate treatment for allergys, a mother should learn a baby skin care routine, we also advise you to seek medical help if you notice the appearance of other worrisome symptoms with the rash, such as a rapid heartbeat, weak pulse, swelling of the eyes, face, or lips, vomiting, fainting, breathing difficulties or high temperature, or when the baby skin rash remains for more than a week or its spread increases, or deepen it into the skin to give your newborn skin care guidelines.

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