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Diaper inflammation on my baby, causes and treatment

At first, My child was suffering due to Diaper inflammation, until I found the right treatment and adapted to this problem, and now I can say that I can overcome the problem of diaper dermatitis.
Diaper inflammation on my baby, causes and treatment
And I know that certainly, every mother has also suffered from the problem of Diaper inflammation, and now it is our turn to give you our expertise, in order to shorten the way for you, so that we will tell you everything about infant dissections or Diaper inflammation and how to overcome them.

What is Diaper inflammation?

Diaper dermatitis it’s a common form of dermatitis, and it is often associated with frequent wetness of your baby, with changing the diaper irregularly, but do not worry, as most of these exudates can be overcome at home, without the need to seek the doctor.

What are the symptoms of Diaper inflammation in your child?

Diaper dermatitis occurs, because of wearing diapers and may increase in summer due to heat and sweat, and its symptoms are:
Red ness with a slight swelling of the diaper area at the back or on the genitals, and sometimes it increases all the way to the thighs.
Changes in your baby’s behavior, so he moves a lot and appears uncomfortable, especially while changing the diaper.
Your baby cries when washing or touching the diaper area.
If you started home treatment with changing your child’s diaper periodically, and yet your child does not improve after several days or shows some of these symptoms, you should refer to the doctor:
The rash worsens or persists without improvement despite treatment.
Your child’s high temperature.
The rash extends beyond the pelvic area.
The presence of blisters in the place of the rash.
The presence of pus or secretions.
Your child’s inability to sleep from these infections.

What are the causes of Diaper inflammation in your child?

Skin irritation due to urine or stool, so it is important to change the diaper frequently.
Diarrhea with an irregular diaper change.
An allergy to a certain food due to your breastfeeding or when soft or hard food was introduced.
Using a new type of diaper.
The use of plastic diapers to prevent leaks, as it causes the diaper area to not be ventilated.
An allergy to any of the products used for your babies, such as a lotion, cream, or soap that is not suitable for infants or not suitable for your child’s skin.
Infection with fungi or bacteria, as the diaper area is warm and moist, which is a fertile environment for infection to occur.
If your child suffers from eczema or sensitive skin, he is more prone to infections.
Tightness in diapers or clothes, causing itching or infection.
Your child takes an antibiotic at the same time, as it weakens your child’s immunity and this may cause infections.

How to treat Diaper inflammation at home?

The most important thing in diaper rash treatment
It is to keep the diaper area clean and dry as possible.
Avoid products used for the diaper area of ​​your baby.
Wash the diaper area with water only, and avoid soap and wipes that contain alcohol or perfume.
Remove the diaper for your baby as much as possible, so that his skin remains dry and begins to heal, especially if it is summer, so you can leave him for some time without a nappy.
When using a diaper for your baby it should be changed periodically, and after using diaper rash cream.
They are the best diaper rash treatment, apply a thin layer of Vaseline or olive oil, to act as a barrier between wetness and your baby’s skin.
Avoid tight clothes and diapers, and it is preferable to use a larger diaper until your baby is cured.
Teach your son how to use the bathroom, how to prevent nappy infection.
Always wash the area with water and soap intended for infants and dry it well before wearing a new nappy, because prevention is better than treatment.
Only use wet wipes outside the home or when no water is available.
Use baby wipes.
Always use olive oil or diaper rash cream
For infants, such as Sudocrem or Olive zinc cream, or any other cream containing zinc, it is intended for infants.
Finally, if the diaper rash treatment does not work and Diaper inflammation did not cure the same, as your child may have a fungal or bacterial infection that requires specific treatment creams, and then you should consult your doctor to give you the best diaper rash treatment, do not use any creams with cortisone or a fungicide treatment before consulting the doctor.

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