Ear infection in children, its causes and symptoms

Ear infection in children is one of the most common diseases that affect them, as fifty percent of children develop an ear infection during the first year of their life, and the term otitis refers to the occurrence of inflammation in the middle ear that contains the Eustachian tube .
Ear infection in children, its causes and symptoms
And its infection causes several Symptoms of the most important of which are the kids feeling of pain in the ear area and discomfort, in addition to an increase in his temperature, a feeling of general physical fatigue and a decrease in his physical movement, and a loss of appetite, and because of the prevalence and prevalence of ear infection among children, 4MUMY decided to talk about the causes of ear infection in children and methods of diagnosis.

Causes of ear infection in children

The bacterial infection is one of the most important causes of ear infection in children, as the infection usually occurs after a child has a sore throat, a cold, or an upper respiratory infection, and in cases where the respiratory infection is bacterial, these bacteria are transmitted directly In cases where the primary infection is viral, such as the common cold, this viral infection forms a fertile environment for the growth of bacteria, as it attracts bacteria to it to cause a secondary bacterial infection, and in all cases, the fluid collects in The area behind the eardrum, which leads to the child’s feeling of the previous symptoms, as for the other causes of ear infection in children, which are the so-called indirect causes and factors that increase the likelihood of developing this infection, the most important of these causes and risk factors are the following:
-Age group, as the risk of infection increases in children between the ages of six months to two years.
-The child goes to group childcare and exposes him to a large group of children.
-Previous child with seasonal allergys.
-The child was exposed to air pollution, such as inhaling tobacco smoke.
-Infection with some previous medical conditions, such as a cleft palate.
Ethnicity, in which children are more likely to develop ear infection in Aboriginal Alaska.

Complications of an ear infection in children

In general, most cases of an ear infection may not cause complications or long term health problems, but exposure to this infection repeatedly or not treating these infections properly may lead to permanent complications for the child, as hearing loss is considered a problem. The most important of these complications, as this loss of hearing, may affect the child’s ability to speak, such as delayed speech, and ear infection may cause a hole in the eardrum, and the infection may spread to surrounding tissues such as the mastoid bone, which leads to infection of ear decay.

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