Excessive underarm sweating causes and treatment

Excessive underarm sweating causes and treatment
Sweating is a natural physiological state that regulates the temperature of the human body when exposed to hot weather, or when exerted by physical exertion through the secretion of sweat.
Excessive underarm sweating causes and treatment

But if the secretion of sweat exceeds its limit, or if the sweat is secreted without exertion or exposure to a hot atmosphere, it is not considered normal, rather it is considered what is called hyperhidrosis, which is a disease that affects many people, pushing their sweat glands to secrete sweat abnormally.

In addition to the body’s need to regulate their temperature, from different areas of their body, if you searched a lot about How to stop sweating through shirts and did not find a solution, do not worry, in this article, we will answer: How to stop underarm sweating permanently?

Types of excessive sweating

Localized hyperhidrosis:

It is the excessive secretion of sweat from a specific area of ​​the body, such as excessive underarm sweating, feet, hands, or face.

General hyperhidrosis:

It is the extra secretion of sweat from the whole body in general.

Causes of excessive sweating

The causes of primary hyperhidrosis are unknown and are often likely to genetic factors or neurological problems. As for secondary hyperhidrosis, it is attributed to many causes, including:
-Dysfunction of the thyroid glands.
-Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.
-Have a fever.
-Menstruation stops in women.
-Low blood sugar, which leads to an increase in body temperature.
-Side effects of some medications.
-Exposure to a psychological situation or a state of severe tension and anxiety.
-Exercise and exercise excessively.

Treatment of excessive sweating

In the case of secondary sweating, it is recommended to consult a doctor to treat the disease that causes it, because it is often a symptom of a more serious disease that needs medication treatments, but in the case of primary sweating such as excessive underarm sweating, the problem can be treated by the following:

Botox injection therapy (topical):

They are injections used to treat excessive underarm sweating, feet, or hands, and their effectiveness lasts for six months.

Using aluminum chloride on the area of ​​excessive sweating:

It may block the secretions of the sweat glands by blocking the pores, but it may lead to irritation in some cases.
In the most extreme cases of hyperhidrosis, surgical treatments are used, which cut the nerve causing sweating.

Natural remedies for excessive sweating

Natural treatments are easier, more economical, and safer than chemical treatments in the treatment of excessive underarm sweating and other things. They are effective and their success rate is almost guaranteed if the patient persists for some time, and among these treatments the following:
-Shower daily, and wear cotton clothes to prevent high body temperature.
-Use good quality antiperspirants.
-Drink sage boiled, as sage reduces the secretion of sweat.
-Use alum, where you can grind alum and mix it with baby powder, and wipe your armpits with it daily, so it works to block the pores and reduce excessive underarm sweating and give you a pleasant smell.
If you suffer from a bad odor of sweat, you can wipe your armpits with vinegar diluted with water, as the vinegar works to kill the bacteria that cause the underarm odor.
Note: Please consult a physician regarding the treatment of hyperhidrosis in unnatural ways, as this article is not a medical reference

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