Large pores treatment: Medical and home methods

Do you suffer from large pores on your skin?

Does her look bother you?

How to minimize pores on face?

The defects of large pores on the skin go beyond the problem that it is not pleasant to the soul, it is more prone to turning into blackheads, because it becomes filled with fats secreted by the skin, or when touching your face with your hands, and then exposing it to bacteria and dirt in the air.

Pores can also easily turn into pimples if you neglect to clean your skin well after applying various cosmetics, but fortunately, you can easily reduce the size of these pores with some of the ingredients in your kitchen.

Large pores on nose

The size of the pores on face varies as the pores on nose appear larger than the rest of the pores on face. 

Because the sebaceous glands underneath are larger, which causes large pores and blackheads to appear more frequently in the nose area, especially in people with oily and combination skin.

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Causes of large pores

Large pores appear due to clogging, and large pores are clogged as a result of the accumulation of fat and dead skin cells in the hair follicles under the skin, making them appear larger than their normal size.

There are several reasons for the appearance of large pores on face, such as:


Increased sebum secretion, especially oily skin.

Lack of skin peeling, which leads to the accumulation of dead cells.

Increased humidity.

Sun exposure, especially when sunscreen is not used.

Genetically, the skin is more likely to get oily skin and large pores in the nose when it is found by parents.

Hormone level changes during menstruation and at puberty.

Consuming caffeine and alcohol can lead to excess skin dryness, which leads to increased sebum production.

Unhealthy nutrition.

Extreme tension.

Bad skincare habits such as not washing the face twice daily or using oily-based cosmetics.

Dry skin can also be the cause of the appearance of large pores as it leads to increased sebum secretion and the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

Large pores treatment

Open pores treatment at home:

The ice:

It is known that the pores expand with heat, so we expose them to a warm towel or water vapor when cleaning the skin, and therefore, it is natural to shrink with cold, so passing an ice cube on your skin – after cleaning it well – will help to reduce the size of the pores significantly.

Apple cider vinegar:

Because it is a natural toner for humans, it works to tighten the skin and reduce its large pores, it kills the microbes in it, which reduces the incidence of pimples.

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Bicarbonate of soda:

It works as a natural exfoliant for the skin, getting rid of dead skin and removing excess sebum, and it also helps reduce acne problems, because it is a natural anti-bacterial, and it also helps to shrink large pores.

How to use it: 

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a little warm water to form a paste.

Apply and rub gently on your skin in circular motions.

Wash it with lukewarm water, then cold water.

Repeat the process daily for a week, then reduce its use to three times a week for several weeks.

Egg whites:

It is frequently used to reduce the size of large pores, as it helps to tighten your skin naturally.

How to use it: 

Mix egg white until it turns from transparent to white and becomes thick.

Spread it on your skin, and allow it to dry completely.

Wash it with lukewarm water.


Lemons contain acid that helps exfoliate the skin, reduce the size of its pores, and lighten its color.

How to use it: 

Mix the juice of a large lemon with a spoonful of white honey.

Spread it on the skin, and leave it for ten minutes.


Repeat the process daily for a month.

Egg white and lemon mask:

Egg white works to compress the pores and reduce them, but it cannot be used when there is an allergy to eggs.

Lemon juice acts as an astringent for the skin, but it can be harsh on sensitive skin, so relieve it by adding one part of lemon juice to four parts of water.


Mix egg white with lemon juice (1 teaspoon or teaspoon diluted for sensitive skin) until the consistency becomes thick.

Clean the face, then apply the mixture with a brush, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips.

Wash the face with warm water, then massage an ice cube on the skin.

Honey can be added to treat skin imperfections.

You can add a little oatmeal to exfoliate the skin.

Oatmeal and banana mask:

Works to deeply clean pores.


Add a ripe peeled banana with 1/2 a ripe apple, a teaspoon of lemon juice, and four teaspoons of honey.

Then put it in a bowl and add a few previously cooked oats and mix them until the mixture thickens, cover, and leave in a cool place for a while.

Wash the face with a wet towel with warm water for several minutes, then apply the mixture after the face dries and massage until the mask dries, then wash it with warm water.

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Medical treatment for open pores:

Laser treatment for large pores on face:

Large pores treatment, in the past relied on reducing the production of fat in several ways, but in the case of laser facial pores minimization, some types of lasers stimulate the production of collagen that supports and compress the sebaceous glands, thus helping to compress and reduce the pore openings in the face, and some other types of lasers work directly on Minimize large pores.

Lasers are most effective in treating enlarged pores caused by aging or sunlight.

Possible side effects of open pores treatment laser:

Redness, swelling, and itching of the skin.

Skin infection.

Skin scars.

Skin color changes to darker or lighter.

Active acne worsening when using creams after treatment.

What are the conditions to be wary of when treating large pores with lasers?

-Having an immune disease such as immunodeficiency.

-Active acne.

-Very dark skin.

-Use of isotretinoin for acne during the previous year.

-Other techniques are performed within the certified skincare centers to treat large pores on face by an experienced specialist doctor, including:

Micro DermaPrigen Technology:

It is a technique of skin peeling using a rotating tool, usually used on face to improve the appearance of the skin, using a mixture of small crystals that help remove the top layer of the skin, dead skin cells, and fat.

It can be used once a week, but you should avoid using it with any skin scrubs or mud masks on the same day as this can lead to dry face.

Microneedling technology:

Also called the skin acupuncture method. The collagen secretion is stimulated by acupuncture for skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling is used if natural methods do not affect enlarged pores.

Microneedling is one of the latest methods for treating large pores, erasing scars, wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots on the skin, stretch marks (cellulite), and preserving the vitality of the skin.

Other tips:

A face with oily skin and large pores should be washed, at a maximum, three times a day with a chemical-free face wash such as baby shampoo or the like to adjust the acidity of skin and reduce excess oils.

Avoid excessive face washing with soap with a strong formula to prevent the skin from being excessively dry, because oily skin when dried increases the percentage of oil secretion to compensate for the loss of it on the surface of the skin, which leads to the aggravation of the problem instead of solving it.

Avoid washing the face with hot water, and if done with hot water, it must be rinsed with cold water because hot water opens the pores of the face and cold water closes them.

Massaging the skin with an ice cube daily because the cold of the ice helps to tighten the skin and prevent it from sagging in addition to its effectiveness in closing large pores on face.

Avoid using steam devices used to clean the skin in beauty salons, because it increases the secretion of sebum and oils in the face and works to open small pores

wiping the face in the morning with drops of rose water after washing it well because rose water works to narrow the large pores. 

Also gives the skin brightness, brilliance, and clear smoothness as it helps to tighten the skin and prevent its aging.


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