Natural ways to treat foot ulcer

Natural ways to treat foot ulcer
Skin ulcers are one of the most common skin problems that many face in the summer, and they often occur in the feet or upper thighs, and some sufferers may resort to going to a foot specialist.
Pictures of leg and foot ulcers:
Natural ways to treat foot ulcer

Foot ulcer symptoms: Itching, redness and burning with severe inflammations of the skin, In this article, we will explain to you good care methods for treating foot ulcer and exfoliation and ways to prevent them without you having to go to a foot specialist

Good Care Ways To Treat foot ulcer 

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy for getting rid of skin infections and itching, mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water, and apply the mixture to the inflamed area with a piece of cotton, and leave it for 30 minutes, then you can clean the area with a piece of clean cotton, repeat this process until it appears to you The result.

Honey bees:

Use white honey as an antiseptic, honey works to calm skin infections in a fast and good way, a mixture can be made by mixing honey with olive oil and heating this mixture slightly, until you get the texture of the ointment and apply it to the sore area and leave it for a few hours before washing it, repeat this step twice daily, until You feel better. 


An oatmeal bath helps soothe exfoliation and moisturize the skin. Mix a cup of oatmeal in a lukewarm water bath, and soak in this water for 15-20 minutes.
Repeat this method daily for a month.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is one of the best natural remedies for relieving itching and inflammation of the skin, so you can apply it to the affected areas daily before bed.

Good care methods to prevent bedsores and exfoliators

Adhesive sports tapes:

Adhesive sports tapes, which have proven effective in treating foot ulcer and other ulcers, can be used as a foot specialist in any sports team with these adhesive tapes that reduce the incidence of infections by 40% for runners and soccer players who move a lot, thus They are a feasible panacea for prevention.

Underwear Quality:

Pay attention to the quality of the underwear used, as it is preferable to use light cotton clothes, which absorb sweat and are soft on the skin and not tight, taking care to always change clothes, and beware of some types of underwear that harm your health.

Take a cold shower:

Make sure to shower in cold water before going out of the house and wear light clothes that reflect sunlight, preferably wearing white clothes, and it is preferable to avoid using soap and other irritants to the skin.

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