The risks of gallbladder surgery during pregnancy

Perform gallbladder surgery during pregnancy if you suffer from gallstones, or any other surgery, although these conditions are uncommon, they do exist. And may be up to 2% of women need surgery to remove gallstones when they are pregnant as a result of an organ defect.

The most common operations is the surgery of gallbladder, so in this article, we learn all the details of performing this surgery in a pregnancy.

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Choosing when to perform gallbladder surgery during pregnancy 

In general, if any operation can be postponed until the mother gives birth, this is the best option, because in some cases the operations are very urgent, but if you decide to do a dangerous thing such as performing a gallbladder operation to a pregnant women, the necessary precautions must be taken, the most important of which is choosing the timing of the operation as follows :

The first trimester of pregnancy:

It is best to avoid the gallstones removal operation in this period  of pregnancy because some risks are resulting from anesthesia and other drugs for the fetus in this period of its formation, But if the process of eradicating the gallbladder is necessary and cannot be postponed, then there is no escape, whatever the consequences because your health is the most important in this case. 

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The second trimester of pregnancy:

May be this is the safest time to do operation,such as gallbladder removal operation, if it is not possible to postpone it until after childbirth, in the this three monthes the risks of miscarriage is lower and the uterus and fetus are stable, which makes abdominal operations easier for surgeons.

The third trimester of pregnancy:

At this time, the uterus expands to accommodate the growth of the fetus in the prenatal period, so when performing a surgery, there are some precautions that the surgeon takes to avoid the risk of premature labor, or approaching the uterus at this time.

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The risk of gallbladder surgery during pregnancy

In this surgery, the surgeon removes the gallbladder through an opening in the abdomen and needs to conduct tests and take some steps before and during the operation that may be dangerous, including:

CT scan:

It is better to rely on an MRI to avoid radiation during pregnancy that can harm the fetus. CT and x-rays are the most dangerous.  


Various research indicates that narcotic drugs are usually safe for the fetus in different periods, except for the first three months, in which it is preferable to avoid the procedure in it if possible to avoid birth defects or any effect on the development of the fetus.

Complications during the operation:

Complications can occur during pregnancy at the time of the operation, so one of the doctors present in the operation must be a gynecologist and obstetrician, especially in the last three months, in the event of complications, and his presence is important to guide the surgeon and monitor blood pressure and blood pressure in the pregnant woman.

To resort to cesarean delivery:

In the case of an operation and opening the abdomen, it is most likely that a cesarean delivery will be due to the failure of the wound to fully heal in this short period before birth.  

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Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery

Most of the cholecystectomy operations are now performed laparoscopically, and this makes the existing wound much smaller than before, a very small opening so that only the surgeon can insert the endoscope through it, so do not worry, it is much easier than before.

Finally, postponing gallbladder surgery during pregnancy until after childbirth is the best choice, and so is the case in any other surgery, but if it is not possible to postpone, the health of the mother comes first before anything else, so the final choice is in the hands of the doctor, and if he decides that, You must take all your precautions.

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