Causes of ear infections in children (otitis)

Ear infection in children are among the cases and they usually accompany colds or upper respiratory infection, and they affect one ear or both, and in which the mucous secretions block the Eustachian tube, which causes the fluid to collect in the middle ear to grow germs in it, and cause infection, and many mothers wonder Is breastfeeding a child while he is sleeping a cause of middle ear infections in children?

In this article, we will answer this question, dear, and we will mention to you the most important signs of ear infections in children.

Is breastfeeding baby while he is sleeping a cause of ear infections in children?

It is a common belief that breastfeeding a baby while lying down causes infection, and the truth is that it differs according to the type of breastfeeding, as follows:


Studies confirm that all correct breastfeeding positions do not cause ear infections in children, but rather they reduce the chances of infection with otitis, and the flow of breast milk is moderate, so there is no drainage of milk to the child’s ear, and even if a discharge of breast milk occurs in the ear. Central, it does not cause infection, Because it contains antibodies that protect against ear infections, in one of the studies that were conducted to find out the effect of breast milk on the immunity of young children compared to formula milk, it was found that breastfed younger children have a lower risk of infections of the upper respiratory tract and erosion of the ear.

Artificial breastfeeding:

Breastfeedin position may cause ear infections in children if the baby catches the bottle while lying on his back, and it is one of the wrong habits that most mothers fall into. The middle ear, causing blockage and infection, and even with small-hole nipples, the flow of formula from a feeding bottle is greater than the flow of breast milk, which cause milk to leak into the child’s ear. 

Signs of an ear infections in children

The problem of infants is that they cannot communicate and express their pain except by crying, which make you wonder: How do I know that my child has an ear infections ?, So we will tell you the following about the most common symptoms associated with ear infection in children: 

Ear pulling:

If you notice that the baby is holding his ear or pulling it repeatedly, it may be one of the signs of ear infections, which causes a feeling of ear pain and discomfort, which prompts the baby to pull his ear to relieve the feeling of ear pain, and the baby may also hit the side of his head due to his inability to Determine the location of the pain. 

Difficulty sleeping or lying down:

When a child with otitis lies down, lying down concentrates pressure on the middle ear, causing pain and discomfort, which makes sleeping or even lying down difficult for the baby.

Fluid coming out of the ear:

one of the sure signs of otitis in children is the exit of fluids or pus secretions from the child’s ear, and thick yellow or bloody fluids come out of the ear as a result of rupture of the eardrum, and although it may not happen to all children, it is one of the clear signs of (otitis) ear infections And doesn’t worry, the eardrum usually heals on its own within weeks.

Crying more than usual:

Because of the pain and pressure resulting from ear infections, the baby may cry or get upset and become more irritable than usual, and although the child’s crying may be the result of cramps or constipation or the result of other problems common in children, the continuous crying with other signs, It may confirm to you that a newborn has an ear infections.


Difficulty hearing:

As a result of fluid accumulation in the ear, hearing loss may occur temporarily, and you may notice it through the child’s failure to respond to the call to him or paying attention to a game that makes a sound, which is temporary and the baby quickly regains his hearing ability with the treatment of infection


Fever is a noticeable sign indicating an infection in the body, and a child’s high temperature is a common symptom of an ear infections, but other symptoms must be noticed on the baby, as the cause of the high temperature may be another problem not fever, such as the sore throat. 

Loss of balance:

The center of balance is located in the inner ear, and fluid accumulation as a result of an ear infections may cause dizziness and loss of balance, which is something you will notice if the baby begins to walk or crawl. 

Diarrhea, vomiting, and decreased appetite:

The bacteria or viruses that cause middle ear infections may affect the digestive system as well, and cause diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite, and ear infections also cause difficulty chewing and swallowing, so if you notice a sudden decrease in your child’s appetite, look for other signs that may Indicates that he has an ear infection. 

Causes of ear infections in children

Ear infection in children occurs mainly due to bacteria and viruses, and ear infections occurs most often as a result of a cold or coughing baby from one of these germs, which is transmitted to the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, which is the canal that connects the middle ear to the top of the throat. 

infection in middle Ear in children occurs due to other reasons, the most important of which are:

Adenoids enlargement, which causes blockage of the Eustachian tube, which causes fluid accumulation and inflammation.

Secondhand smoke (as a result of smoking near a baby) may irritate the Eustachian tube, causing swelling and blockage.

Giving a baby a bottle while he is sleeping, as we mentioned, entering milk from the throat into the Eustachian tube is a good environment for bacteria to grow and infect.

In the end, if you are wondering, “Is breastfeeding a child while he is sleep a cause of ear infection in children?” We explained the matter to you in the previous lines, try to give the child a bottle of milk while you are holding it at a 45-degree angle, and also make sure to warm it in the winter to protect it from colds, which are closely related to ear infections


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