12 months vaccination symptoms and treatment

We follow with you the series of vaccinations for your children up to the 12 months vaccination, now your child’s age is 12 months (one year) Are you ready to vaccinate him again?

Learn with us in the following lines about the diseases that protect your children from, and all you need to know about the symptoms of the 12 months vaccination and how to deal with them, and the truth of rumors linking the vaccine and autism.

What is the 12 months vaccination?

The first dose at 12 months old is the measles, mumps , and rubella immunization, and this dose is called the triple viral vaccine or MMR vaccination. It is preferable to give this type of immunization when the child reaches 12 months of age or the period between the twelfth and fifteenth months of the child’s life a group of live attenuated viruses for mumps, measles, and rubella, which stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies to these diseases and create an immune reaction to them. Health is provided free of charge to all children, and it is an injection that is given in the child’s thigh.
And there are : the 3rd dose of Hepatitis, 3rd Haemophilus influenzae type b, 4th Pneumococcal conjugate, 3rd Inactivated poliovirus , 1st Varicella 

Delaying of 12 months immunization

Vaccinations should not be delayed beyond their prescribed times, and it can be delayed from two weeks to a month if the need arises after consulting the doctor, as taking the dose is postponed in case the infant is severely ill with a high temperature or has a rash, and it is not postponed in the case of minor cold episodes.

12 months vaccination side effects

The 12 months vaccination is one of the simple vaccinations that pass safely without any symptoms in most children and may cause minor symptoms in some infants at the age of one year, such as:

-Soreness, swelling, and redness at the injection site, as this triple viral vaccine is acidic, and this pain and swelling can be eliminated by making water compress on the injection site or using any analgesic and swelling-reducing gel from the pharmacy.
-A slight increase in temperature.
-Swelling and redness in the shoulder.
Symptoms resolve quickly within two days at most.

Consult a doctor in the following cases: 
-Swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and under the armpits, as a natural result of the work of the immune system in the body, and the salivary glands that are located in front of the ears can swell.
 -Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.
-Dizziness and sensitivity to light.
-A severe rise in the temperature of the child who was given the dose.
-Shoulder swelling and redness persist for more than a week.
-A rash occurs after a dose of the vaccine.

Symptomatic treatment of the 12 months vaccination

-Hold your baby and be patient with his constant crying, until he returns to normal. 
-Do not give your child an antipyretic unless his temperature rises after receiving the dose, and most likely this does not happen with the 12 months vaccination.
-Apply lukewarm or cold water compresses to the shoulder to reduce swelling

MMR vaccine and autism

There is no relationship between receiving a dose of the MMR vaccine and autism, and scientific studies over the years have failed to find any evidence linking vaccinations to autism.

The story began in 1998 with a study published by a British doctor named Dr. Andrew Wakefield, including cases of 12 children who were vaccinated, it was found that 9 of them had symptoms similar to autism, and one of the conclusions is that the MMR immunisation may be one of the causes of autism.

The study spread through the media, and mothers began to fear vaccines, and the rates of vaccine decreased in general and the MMR vaccine in some countries in particular, followed by an increase in the incidence of diseases that can be prevented by the vaccine, such as measles and others.

After several months and years of investigation, journalist Brian Deere published in a British newspaper the results of his work, when he discovered the falseness of the results published by Dr. Wakefield, and it appeared that there were only three kids with autism after they were given the vaccine and not 9 – as it was published, and they showed symptoms of autism before receiving the dose

And Brian also found many errors and other inaccuracies, and in 2010, after years of investigation, the British Medical Council withdrew A license to practice medicine from Dr. Wakefield, as a result of his deliberate lying in the research and publishing false results for personal interests, which prompted the journal in which the research was published to retract this research and apologize for publishing these lies.

In 2014, a huge scientific review was conducted that included all studies and research related to this topic, which was applied to more than one million children and found no link between autism and any type of vaccine.

And this, my dear, is the whole story, so do not believe statements that have no scientific or medical evidence, and do not deprive your kids of the vaccine without any justification and expose them to diseases that harm them.

From the above, it becomes clear to you the importance of 12 months vaccination and the symptoms of the vaccine that appear on your child, and that there is no truth to rumors linking him to autism, so always make sure to provide the best for your child by protecting him from various diseases by giving vaccinations on time

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