Causes of excessive head sweating in babies

What are the Causes of excessive head sweating in babies?
This is one of the frequently asked questions by new parents. If your child’s head is sweating while sleeping or feeding, you don’t need to go to the doctor right away.

There is no cause for concern, as most new parents get scared when they feel that their child’s head temperature is above a degree than The temperature of his fist, is normal for your child’s head to sweat and this is normal, and you should feel Rest and not worry because it is necessary to know the causes of excessive sweating.

The temperature of the child’s head is high compared to the rest of the body, and this is a common phenomenon among most babies, and different from adults, so you don’t have to worry if your child’s head is a little hot.

But if you notice that the child’s cheeks or the area under his chin or armpits have a high temperature, this means that the child has a fever, and this can be confirmed using a thermometer, and appropriate measures are taken to reduce the fever in time.

The sweating glands

A newborn child does not have active sweat glands except for those on his head, this explains why the baby’s body does not sweat and only the head sweats a lot, this is because only the child’s head has active sweating glands.

If the baby’s head is sweating, it means that he feels hot or warm, and try to cool the temperature of the room in which the child sleeps.

Excessive sweating at night

If your child has excessive sweat in his head at bedtime, this is normal and has a good reason, which is that a newborns cannot change position over in his bed as adults or older children do and their heads remain in the same position for a long time, and this leads to a hot head and sweating, and the other reason may be that the mother puts a lot of clothes and covers around the child at bedtime, but this is wrong because it increases the temperature of the child and is one of the causes of excessive sweating, and this is also one of the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The best thing for a child at bedtime is to put him in a bed that does not contain any covers or clothes, and to wear him in cotton clothes suitable for sleeping and to set the room temperature so that it is not cold or hot so that the child can sleep quietly for long periods without hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating while breastfeeding

During breastfeeding, most mothers prefer the cradle position, and this requires them to hold the baby’s head constantly in the same position as long as it is being breastfed and may exceed half an hour at a time to the child while breastfeeding.

Causes of excessive head sweating in babies


He may have a fever and this is what makes him sweat a lot; therefore, you should measure your child’s body temperature with a thermometer and make sure that there is a fever or not. If his temperature is high, you must give him an Antipyretic according to his age. If not, his body is warm, and needs to loosen his clothes appropriately for the atmosphere to reduce sweating.

Sweat glands

A newborn does not have active sweat glands. You must have realized that your baby’s body does not sweat. Only the head sweats a lot, this is because only the baby’s head has active sweat glands.

Sweating at night

Sometimes sweating occurs at night while the child sleeps because of his many clothes and blanket, you have to loosen the cover a little.

Excessive sweating during breastfeeding

babies sweat a lot during breastfeeding because they spend a long time in the mother’s laps in the same position, and that they make more effort while breastfeeding.

These are theCauses of excessive head sweating in babies and the most common among babies, and it is normal, but if you notice that the child is sweating profusely all the time, you should consult the child’s doctor to find out the cause and check on the health of your infant.

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