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Make a natural children’s deodorant

How to make a best natural children’s deodorant for free Below we offer you a natural way to make a natural deodorant for kids, but with that, you s…

18 months vaccination side effects

Treatment of symptoms of 18 months vaccination
Breastfeed your child one hour before the vaccine and then two hours after it, so that the oral vaccination…

Hep b vaccine schedule for infants

Hepb vaccine is produced using genetic engineering techniques by separating one type of antigen (Type S) of the hepatitis B surface antigen virus, incubating it in preservative cells, then purifying and sterilizing it and producing a sterile drug ready for injection

Causes of ear infections in children (otitis)

Ear infection in children occurs mainly due to bacteria and viruses, and ear infections occurs most often as a result of a cold or coughing baby from one of these germs, which is transmitted to the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, which is the canal that connects the middle ear to the top of the throat.