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Newborn stomach cramp, crying

The kid’s crying will increase at the start of his life, and the mom regularly does now not know the motive for his crying, especially after feeding him and changing his diaper, and many of the ones round her propose many motives, which includes gases or stomach pain and others. Newborn stomach cramp crying The …

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Causes of your baby’s cough

Any mother is disturbed when her infant gets coughing and a persistent coughing, because this affects his sleep, eating and activity often, but the cough usually resolves within two weeks or less of it, and rarely causes concern, except in certain cases we will tell you today.    Causes of your baby’s cough In this …

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Breathing problems in infants

Breathing problems in infants Mothers often suffer from their children due to their frequent coughing, shortness of breath, or rapid breathing. Breathing problems in infants The suffering becomes even greater if your child is a baby, as your child cannot express his complaint as a child, as well as being a baby, so we provide …

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