Great Advices for your health and some home remdies to treat your pain

Causes of allergic cough and its treatment

Discovering the causes of allergic cough is the most important step in choosing an appropriate treatment, because an allergic cough is one of the most annoying symptoms of an allergy

Treating menstrual pain

Perhaps you or your daughter may feel some pain during the menstrual cycle, and you prefer to overcome those pain by consuming natural products and not to multiply from analgesics. Treating menstrual pain And sometimes you have to take painkillers and medications to relieve pain, so we present to you in this article the causes …

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Health risks of sugar

With the beginning of each year, we try to follow new healthy habits and avoid our harmful old habits. Among the unhealthy habits is our habit of eating sugar in large quantities every day, either by using processed sugar to sweeten the drinks we eat throughout the day, or through processed foods that sugar is …

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5 Benefits of white mushrooms

White mushrooms is one of the known types of fungi, some of which are human consumption and edible and others are toxic, so in this article, I will introduce you to the benefits of white mushrooms that are human consumption.    of white mushroom Edible white mushrooms Here are the most common types of white …

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The best diet to gain weight

Some people do not realize that thinness is a health problem like obesity, which is necessary to deal with it effectively, and the first way to deal with it is to make some nutritional changes that help you get rid of them quickly, by increasing the daily calories that are eaten, and because some foods …

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