5 Benefits of white mushrooms

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White mushrooms is one of the known types of fungi, some of which are human consumption and edible and others are toxic, so in this article, I will introduce you to the benefits of white mushrooms that are human consumption.
benefits of white mushrooms

 of white mushroom

Edible white mushrooms

Here are the most common types of white musrooms available in the market and suitable for human use:

Oyster mushrooms:

This is very similar in shape to the famous French button mushroom, and is one of the important sources of protein, as many poor countries depend on it.

French mushrooms are known as button:

It is one of the most common mushrooms in the world, and it is characterized by white color, delicious light flavor, and high nutritional value.

Honey mushrooms:

This type is distinguished from other types of mushrooms with its different flavor from others, its taste is like honey, brown color, small size, its lower part is long and thin, and its top is small and emptied from the inside, and its use is spread in various recipes for its delicious taste.

Shimeji mushrooms:

This is a kind of bitter taste, but the severity of this bitterness gradually disappears when cooked, so it is one of the wihte mushrooms spread widely used in international kitchens for soups, sauces, and stews.

Portobello mushroom:

It is characterized by its large size and taste and texture similar to the steak, which made it enter the world of vegetarians as a healthy and wonderful alternative to meat, as it is widely used in Italian cuisine, and its shape is characterized by brown color, small leg and a large hat.


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 The nutritional value of white mushrooms

The types of white mushrooms fit for human consumption are among the most important types of foods with high nutritional value and this is because they contain calcium, dietary fiber and antioxidants, in addition to being low calories and free from cholesterol and gluten, and here are the amounts of nutrients contained in 100 grams of fresh white mushrooms, according to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture In the United States of America USDA:
3g protein.
0g of fat.
1g of fiber. 
3g of carbohydrates


5 Benefits of White Mushrooms

Mushroom is characterized by a variety of nutritional benefits, as it maintains blood sugar and burns fat, and it contains vitamin D, which makes it a favorite food to prevent osteoporosis, along with many other benefits you know:

White mushrooms to strengthen immunity:

The mushrooms contains antioxidants as a source of selenium, so it plays an important role in enhancing immunity and preventing infections, in addition to its role in fighting the growth of cancer cells, which makes it useful, and the mushrooms is beneficial for people who suffer from allergic and inflammatory diseases and those who suffer from autoimmune diseases.

White mushrooms to prevent cancerous diseases:

White mushrooms is a food rich in folic acid, which in turn plays an important role in preserving DNA and preventing mutations, and the formation of cancerous cells.

White mushrooms for strengthening bones: 

The white mushrooms provides the calcium needed to build body cells and strengthen bones and teeth.

White mushrooms to prevent anemia:

The mushrooms raises iron levels in the body, making white mushrooms a major role in preventing iron-deficiency anemia.

White muhrooms to lower blood cholesterol:

Dietary fiber in the mushrooms reduces LDL cholesterol and raises the level of good HDL cholesterol, which works to promote cardiovascular health and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The best diet to gain weight

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Some people do not realize that thinness is a health problem like obesity, which is necessary to deal with it effectively, and the first way to deal with it is to make some nutritional changes that help you get rid of them quickly, by increasing the daily calories that are eaten, and because some foods Better than others for a healthy body.

Ways to gain weight
The best diet to gain weight
The best diet to gain weight

It is better to choose foods that are high in calories, but they are also nutritious and beneficial, if you are looking for a weight gain diet we present to you in this article a healthy weight gain diet that adds to the body weight and muscle mass.


Weight gain diet

 This diet provides you with 2500 calories every day, which is the appropriate number of calories to gain weight, and in this system, a good balance between healthy foods and high calories, and this diet to increase weight depends on eating five or six meals throughout the day, and you can Remind yourself of mealtimes by setting an alarm.

Cup (150 g) oatmeal + ½ cup (125 g) milk + ½ cup (100 g) raisins.
A cup of orange juice.
A cup of coffee.
Morning snack, one apple, and 24 almonds.
Cup water.

A sandwich of two large slices of bread made from whole wheat, slices of soft turkey, and two slices of tomato and lettuce.
A cup of low-fat milk.
Sweet potato, with butter or margarine.

A green salad dish.
200 grams salmon.
A cup (200 g) of cooked spinach.
½ cup (100g) mashed potatoes with butter or ghee.
A cup of milk or fruit juice.
Whole wheat bread.
Night snack ½ cup (100 g) of regular yogurt + ½ cup (100 g) of strawberry slices.
Cup water.


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This diet is characterized by

The possibility of following long periods if necessary without side effects. Eat additional healthy calories without artificial supplements, extra sugar, sodium, or unhealthy fats.
The options vary in what you eat, for example, you can substitute salmon with shrimp and so on.



Not suitable for people with diabetes and some other medical conditions.
If this diet does not give you the desired result in weight gain, talk to your healthcare professional to determine if there is a medical condition that impedes weight gain.


Effective ways to gain weight

In general, for weight gain, follow these tips constantly:
-Instead of eating two to five medium meals a day, instead of eating two or three large meals.Choose foods that are rich in calories as well as beneficial elements, such as: bread, pasta, whole wheat, grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, protein sources, and nuts.
-Eat juices made from milk and fresh or frozen fruits and add flaxseed to them, preferably with food or 30 minutes after eating.
-Eat snacks of nuts, peanut butter, cheese, dried fruits and avocado throughout the day.
-Eat a snack before bed, such as: peanut butter, vegetable slices, lean meat, or cheese.
-Add extras to your plates to get more calories: cheese, eggs, powdered milk, and yogurt.Exercise. Exercise, especially strength training, can help you gain weight by building muscle, and exercise can also stimulate your appetite for food.
Dear, you have known the best diet to gain weight effectively, but like any other diet, you should consult a specialist doctor before following it to make sure it works for you.

Symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes

Symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes

From the first day of your pregnancy, your body begins to change internally and externally, and at every stage some symptoms begin to appear.

Symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes
Symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes
And you may be surprised if you know that pregnancy may affect your vision, and that symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes such as the rug of the eye or yellowing of the common things that may You experience it during pregnancy, and although these signs may not be worrying, some of them may be an indication of a health problem that threatens your health and the health of the fetus, and we will tell you below about the effect of pregnancy on the eye.

The symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes

You start to feel the changes that occur in your body after a period Short of pregnancy, and even many women feel some Changes before the menstrual period, and with the development of pregnancy and the change in the level of hormones, you will experience the symptoms and signs of traditional pregnancy, such as morning sickness, loss of appetite, mood changes, but did you know that these changes include some of the symptoms that appear on the eyes, which you can distinguish easily, and these symptoms are :

Dry eyes

It occurs because the moistened glands that line the edges of the upper and lower eyelids secrete fewer oils than normal, due to low androgen hormones during pregnancy.

Blurred vision

One of the signs of pregnancy you may encounter, my dear, is that pregnancy hormones change the reflection of light in your eyes due to fluid retention in the body, which leads to an increase in the thickness of the cornea and a change in the anterior surface of the eye, causing things to not be seen. The good news, dear, is that they are temporary symptoms that will disappear after birth, and you can consult your doctor about wearing glasses that help improve vision.

Increased sensitivity to light

Pregnant women often suffer from migraines in the first trimester of pregnancy, and sensitivity to light is a symptom associated with migraines, so You may not be able to go out in the sun in the first months of pregnancy as you used to previously, but do not worry, it will return to normal after the end of the pregnancy and childbirth trip, and it is advised to wear sunglasses when going out, and lower the room lights to reduce the severity of migraines, and you can also take painkillers allowed The first is during pregnancy after consulting your doctor.
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Seeing bright spots in the eyes for a pregnant woman 

You may notice bright spots appearing in your eye when looking at anything, which may cause your concern, but as we mentioned earlier that pregnancy changes the nature of the body, as it affects the way the eye breaks light, as a result of the accumulation of fluids in body tissues, including eye tissue, which may cause blurred vision or bright spots, and you may experience the appearance of these bright spots as if they are small, shiny objects moving inside your eyes, due to high blood pressure or the level of glucose, and it is normal to test this symptom with pregnancy, but if These points increase, so you should consult your doctor, as it may indicate a correct problem Of threatening pregnancy, such as severe high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia.

Yellow eyes of the pregnant woman 

Although it is not a sign of early pregnancy, and it usually occurs before birth or in the last third of pregnancy, you may notice yellowing of the whites of the eyes or skin during pregnancy, and do not worry, dear, as yellowing of the eyes may be the result of what is known as ” Stasis of biliary pregnancy “, a common condition in pregnancy that is accompanied by a defect in the secretion of bile fluid from the liver to the bile duct, which causes accumulation in the liver cells and high levels of blood, causing yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye, and you do not need to worry, usually it continues for several days and then things return Due to its nature, it may happen before childbirth and afterward, and it is advised to consult your doctor if your symptoms increase and itchiness persists, to prescribe you the appropriate treatment.

Are rivet eye signs of pregnancy?

Although the involuntary movement of the eyelid eye (the rim of the eye) is linked to hearing disturbing news in folk heritage, it may be a sign of pregnancy.
And, if you experience a disturbing rut, you can get rid of it by making warm water compresses to relax the eye muscles or use cucumber slices to calm the eye, also try to close the eye and open it repeatedly, and finally take magnesium supplements after consulting your doctor.
In the end, know my dear that testing the symptoms of pregnancy on the eyes is a natural thing that should not make you anxious, but if the symptoms increased or caused you to feel discomfort, do not hesitate to consult your doctor especially that some Signs may be a sign of high blood pressure, what you need to contact a doctor.